Acoustical Society of America

Annual Reports of Technical Committees for the period 23 May 2009 to 21 April 2010

Technical Committees represent thirteen different areas of acoustics in the Society. Appointments to the Technical Committees take place in January. The chair of the Technical Committee (see reports below) should be contacted for information about how to initiate procedures to join a Technical Committee.

Acoustical Oceanography (AO)
Animal Bioacoustics (AB)
Architectural Acoustics (AA)
Biomedical Acoustics (BA)
Engineering Acoustics (EA)
Musical Acoustics (MU)
Noise (NS)
Physical Acoustics (PA)
Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (PP)
Signal Processing in Acoustics (SP)
Speech Communication (SC)
Structural Acoustics and Vibration (SA)
Underwater Acoustics (UW)

Acoustical Oceanography

Let me start this year's annual report by thanking Jim Miller, the previous Chair of the Acoustical Oceanography (AO) Technical Committee (TC) and Gopu Potty who served as "Vice Chair" for their hard work and dedication to AO. Jim became a member of the Executive Council this year and I was appointed interim AO Chair by the ASA President to complete Jim's term. Subsequently I was elected Chair and will serve a three-year term starting in Spring 2010. As the newly elected Chair I will summarize the numerous events at the San Antonio and the Baltimore ASA meetings as well as other AO activities this year.

Among the biggest events was the Silver Medal in Acoustical Oceonography awarded to Robert Spindel (Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington). This was presented at the Fall 2009 Meeting in San Antonio. The Silver Medal is presented to individuals, without age limitation, for contributions to the advancement of science, engineering, or human welfare through the application of acoustic principles, or through research accomplishment in acoustics. This is only the fourth Silver Medal to be awarded in Acoustical Oceanography. The Silver was awarded for implementation of ocean acoustic tomography and basin scale acoustic thermometry. Jim Lynch wrote the encomium and introduced Bob at the award ceremony.

Also at the fall meeting in San Antonio the Walter Munk Award was presented for the first time at an ASA meeting to James (Jim) Lynch (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution). The Walter Munk Award is given in recognition of distinguished research in oceanography related to sound and the sea and is granted jointly by the Oceanography Society, the Office of Naval Research and the Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy. Jim Miller (University of Rhode Island) nominated Jim for the award and gave the introduction. The Navy was represented by Ellen Livingston and Linwood Vincent from the Office of Naval Research and Jennifer Ramarui represented the Oceanography Society. After the award was presented, Jim Lynch gave the Munk Award lecture "Acoustical oceanography and shallow water acoustics" to a standing room only crowd.

Other honors this year for Acoustical Oceanography include the newly-elected fellows of the Acoustical Society. Boris G. Katsnelson was elected at the Portland ASA meeting for contributions to shallow water acoustics. Timothy F. Duda was elected at the Baltimore meeting for contributions to acoustic-internal wave interactions. There were also several others elected fellows with their primary interest in other TC's but include Acoustical Oceanography as their secondary interest area. Those new fellows are: Cathy Ann Clark, David Knobles, David K. Mellinger, Paul Nachtigall and Peter Stein.

Acoustical Oceanography had an impressive turnout of student papers this year. There were first- and second-place best student paper awards given at the San Antonio and Baltimore meetings. In San Antonio, the first place student paper award went to Joseph Senne for "Measurement and modeling of high frequency acoustic channels for a moving source in shallow water," second place to Lora Van Uffelen for "Characterization of deep acoustic shadow zone arrivals." For the Baltimore meeting the first place award went to Jorge Quijano for the paper, "Tank experiments for validation of volume scattering models." Second place was awarded to Jit Sarkar for "Inverting for surface displacement fields using directly measured point-to-point sensitivity kernels."

The San Antonio and Baltimore meetings had many excellent sessions in Acoustical Oceanography. Juan Arvelo served as the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representative for AO at the San Antonio meeting and Altan Turgut for the Baltimore meeting and both did excellent work organizing the papers. In San Antonio there were three special sessions and a Hot Topics presentation in Acoustical Oceanography. The first special session was organized and chaired by Thomas Weber and Ralph Stephen on "Acoustic Measurements of Water Column Scatterers using Multibeam Sonar." The second, "Acoustics and Ocean Acidity, was organized and chaired by, Tim Duda and Peter Worcester. The third was the "Session in honor of Stan Flatté," organized and chaired by John Colosi and Jeff Simmen. The Hot Topics presentation was "Remote sensing with ambient noise" presented by Peter Gerstoft.

For the Baltimore meeting there were two special sessions, "Acoustics in Polar Environments," which was organized and chaired by Jennifer Miksis-Olds and Ann Bowles and "Impact of Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation by Linear Internal Waves and Neutrally Buoyant Intrusions," organized and chaired by DJ Tang and David Bradley.

It is also worth mentioning here that at the Baltimore meeting David Bradley made a presentation at the AOTC meeting about the state of research funding in ocean acoustics. He described that in 1998 the ocean acoustics community was successful in restoring stability to ocean acoustics funding at the Office of Naval Research (ONR). This was accomplished through a report on the state of funding along with a letters to ONR from the ASA and from the concerned scientists working in ocean acoustics. The funding decline in recent years prompted discussion of a new letter which was drafted by David Bradley and approved by the ASA Executive Council. It and was signed by the ASA president and sent to the Chief of Naval Research at the ONR. A second letter was drafted by David Bradley which was circulated at the TC meeting and signed by concerned scientists in attendance. At the time of writing this annual report additional signatures were still being collected and the second letter was scheduled to be sent to the Chief of Naval Research in July 2010. More information on the content of the ASA letter to the Office of Naval Research is available in the Underwater Acoustics annual report.

There were some new AO appointments this year. Peter Worcester completed his term on Medals and Awards. Ross Chapman agreed to take over as the new AO representative for Medals and Awards. Tony Lyons has been serving on the ASA Committee on Standards and will continue in that position. Ken Foote will serve another term on the Membership Committee. The Acoustical Oceanography TC would like to thank these individuals for their time and effort in these positions.

Unfortunately, 2010 also brought the passing of one of the pioneers of Acoustical Oceanography, Van Holliday. Van was the third recipient of the ASA Silver Medal in Acoustical Oceanography in 2004 for contributions to the study of marine life, from plankton to whales. Among Van's other honors were: the Prix d'Excellence by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) (2008), the Meritorious Public Service Award by the Department of the Navy, Chief of Naval Research (2002), a seat on the editorial board of Limnology and Oceanography: Methods (2002), he was honored with the Steinbach Visiting Scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Summer, 1987) and he was a longtime member of the US Delegation to the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) (1987). NOAA named a Research Vessel after him, the "R/V D. V. Holliday" and Mount Holliday, a sea mount located in the Bering Sea was named after him. Van will be missed by the Acoustical Oceanography community. A special session honoring Van Holiday is being developed and is scheduled for the San Diego ASA meeting in the fall of 2011.

Acoustical Oceanography website
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Animal Bioacoustics

The Technical Committee on Animal Bioacoustics (TCAB) was very active during the period of this report which covers May 2009 through April 2010.

TCAB sponsored or cosponsored five special sessions and one contributed session at the 158th meeting held in October 2009 in San Antonio, Texas. Session 2pAB, Emotion-Related Mechanisms of Mammalian Vocalizations, organized and chaired by Michael J. Owren (Georgia State Univ.) included 5 invited and 1 contributed paper; Session 4aAB, Natural Soundscapes and Auditory Scene Analysis by Animals I: Natural Soundscapes, organized and chaired by Rama Ratnam (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio), included 8 invited and 4 contributed papers; Session 4pAB, Natural Soundscapes and Auditory Scene Analysis by Animals II: Auditory Scene Analysis by Animals, organized by Rama Ratnam and chaired by Richard R. Fay (Loyola Univ.) and Micheal L. Dent (State Univ. of New York at Buffalo), included 8 invited and 3 contributed papers. Contributed session 3aAB, Acoustical Surveys, Sampling, and Population Assessment of Animals, chaired by David K. Mellinger (Oregon State Univ.), included 8 papers.

The TCAB cosponsored a special session on Categorization of Animal Acoustic Signals with Signal Processing in Acoustics Acoustical Oceanography, and Underwater Acoustics). TCAB representative to the San Antonio Technical Program Organizing Meeting was Rama Ratnam.

The 159th meeting was held 19-23 April 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland. TCAB sponsored and cosponsored 17 special and contributed sessions. Session 1aAB, Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Aquatic Animals I: Acoustic Environment and Behavioral Responses and Session 1pAB, Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Aquatic Animals II: Biological Damage, organized and chaired by Carl R. Schilt (Bigleaf Science Services), included 8 invited and 14 contributed papers; Session 2pAB, Estimating Spatial Density of Animal Populations with Passive Acoustics, organized and chaired by David K. Mellinger (Oregon State Univ.), included 5 invited and 3 contributed papers; Session 5pAB, Auditory Attention, Learning and Memory: From Neurons to Behavior, organized and chaired by Cynthia F. Moss (Univ. of Maryland), included 5 invited and 4 contributed papers. A Topical Meeting on Signal Processing for Subtle and Complex Acoustic Signals in Animal Communication, encompassing three special sessions, was sponsored by the TCAB and cosponsored by the technical committees on Signal Processing in Acoustics and Noise. The topical meeting was organized by Ann E. Bowles (Hubbs Sea World Research Inst.) and Sean K. Lehman (Lawrence Livermore National Lab.) who also cochaired the three sessions, which drew 11 invited and 9 contributed papers: Session 4aAB, Topical Meeting I: Automated Classification of Animal Acoustic Signals I; Session 4pAB, Topical Meeting II: Automated Classification of Animal Acoustic Signals II, and Session 5aAB, Topical Meeting III: Incorporating Contextual Features into Automated Detection and Classification Algorithms. Contributed sessions included Session 3aABa, Echolocation and Habitat Sonar; Session 3aABb, Animal Hearing and Vocalization; Session 3pAB, General Topics in Animal Bioacoustics (Poster Session) all chaired by Peter Marvit (Univ. of Maryland) and Susan E. Parks (Pennsylvania State Univ.). These sessions drew a total of 27 contributed papers. The TCAB cosponsored several special sessions on issues relevant to animal bioacoustics with Acoustical Oceanography, Underwater Acoustics, Noise, Signal Processing in Acoustics, and the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE). Robert J. Dooling of the University of Maryland, College Park, presented the tutorial lecture titled "Animal Hearing." The TCAB representatives to the Baltimore Technical Program Organizing Meeting were Peter Marvit and Susan E. Parks.

Animal Bioacoustics topics were very well represented in the publications of the Society. There were 47 papers published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and 2 in JASA Express Letters--the ASA's open access, rapid-publication journal during the period covered by this report. The feature article in the Winter 2010 issue of ECHOES was "What microphone arrays tell us about bat sonar" by James A. Simmons of Brown University. Associate Editors serving in the area of Animal Bioacoustics are Whitlow W.L. Au, Mardi C. Hastings, Michael J. Owren, James M. Simmons for JASA; Cynthia Moss for JASA Express Letters, and Richard R. Fay for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics.

TCAB is represented by its members on various ASA committees involved in conducting the business of the Society. They include the Associate Editors mentioned above who serve on the Editorial Board, James M. Simmons on the Medals and Awards Committee, Richard R. Fay on the Membership Committee, Mary E. Bates on the Student Council, and Anne E. Bowles on the ASA Committee on Standards. Although technical committees are not individually represented on the Public Relations Committee, 11 authors of San Antonio and Baltimore meeting papers prepared lay-language versions of their papers to be used for outreach by ASA to science writers and the general public. These can be viewed at the ASA World Wide Press Room at

The Animal Bioacoustics webpage has been and is available at Thanks to David Mellinger and Holger Klinck for the maintenance of the site where visitors can find information about animal bioacoustics topics such as new books, conferences, and hardware and software used in recording.

TCAB members also participate in the Standards activities of the Society through its representative on ASACOS and through Accredited Standards Committee S3, Subcommittee 1, Animal Bioacoustics. David K. Delaney of USA CERL serves as Chair and Mardi C. Hastings, serves as Vice Chair. This committee's scope covers standards, specifications, methods of measurement and test, instrumentation and terminology in the field of psychological and physiological acoustics, including aspects of general acoustics, which pertain to biological safety, tolerance and comfort of non-human animals, including both risk to individual animals and to the long-term viability of populations. Animals to be covered may potentially include commercially-grown food animals; animals harvested for food in the wild; pets; laboratory animals; exotic species in zoos, oceanaria or aquariums; or free-ranging wild animals. For additional details about Standards activities of this group, please visit

Several members of the ASA animal bioacoustics community have been elected fellows during the past year including Patrick J. Loughlin; David A. Mann, David K. Mellinger, and Paul E. Nachtigall.

The 2009 Science Writing Award in Acoustics for Journalists was awarded to Rachel Ehrenberg for her article "Stranded: A Whale of a Mystery" published in Science News in July 2008.

Congratulations are also extended to Mardi C. Hastings, former chair of the TCAB, who was elected President-Elect in April 2010 and who will assume the office of President in May 2011. Whitlow W.L. Au, completed his term as President at the end of the Spring 2010 meeting and is now serving as a Member of the Executive Council as immediate past president until Spring 2011.

The third Acoustic Communication by Animals workshop is now being planned and will be held 5-11 August 2011 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Christopher W. Clark and Whitlow Au are members of the organizing committee. Details will be distributed to members as they become available.

The Committee expresses its heartfelt thanks to all the volunteer members mentioned above who have participated in ASA activities on behalf of the Committee. We hope that many readers of this report will join him and other colleagues in the ASA animal bioacoustics community at upcoming meetings of the ASA.

Animal Bioacoustics website
List of committee members

Architectural Acoustics

At the Fall 2009 meeting in San Antonio, the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA) special sessions and their organizers included Scott Pfeiffer-"Acoustics and Theatre Consulting: A Special Relationship"; Dave Woolworth-"Architectural Acoustics Program Serving Consultants and Professionals"; Doug Winker-"Acoustic Test Facilities: Design Qualification and Testing"; Doug Winker-"Tour of ETS-Lindgren Lab in Austin, TX"; Ian Hoffman-"Biggest Mistakes: Lessons For Practioners, Researchers and Young Designers"; Molly Norris-"Space For Experimental Media and Spatial Sound Reproduction"; Kenneth Good and Pam Harght-"Classroom Acoustics: New Design Approaches, Successes and Failures"; Ron Sauro-"Absorption, Scattering and Diffusion: Myths, Facts, and Misconceptions"; Lou Sutherland, David Lubman, and Kenneth Good-"Classroom; Acoustics, An Update." Dave Woolworth and Doug Winker served as the TCAA representatives to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting.

At the Spring 2010 meeting in Baltimore, TCAA special sessions and their organizers included Norman Philipp-" Case Studies, Applications, and Integration of Architectural Acoustics in Building Information Modeling Three-Dimensional Modeling"; Peter D'Antonio-"Accuracy of Absorption, Scattering, and Diffusion Coefficients"; Bob Coffeen-"Primary and Secondary School Special Function Spaces"; Tony Hoover and Alex Case-" Rooms for Reproduced Sound"; Eric Reuter-" Speech Intelligibility and Privacy."; James B. Lee-"Physical Acoustics in Boston Symphony Hall-A Guide for the Perplexed"; Andy Miller and Shane Kanter-"Hidden Gems (spaces that possess outstanding acoustical attributes, however are not necessarily known in the popular acoustical press)"; David Sykes, Ralph Muehleisen and Brandon Tinianov-"Acoustics of Green Buildings." Kenneth Good served as the TCAA r epresentative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting.

There was an enormous effort on the part of these chairs and the high quality papers presented within the sessions. Thanks to each of them for the dedication in support of TCAA. Achieving good acoustics in healthcare facilities continues to be an important topic that TCAA members are strongly advocating. For almost four years, the joint subcommittee with the Technical Committee on Noise concerning Speech Privacy, chaired by Greg Tocci and David Sykes, has been very active with special sessions at both of the this year's meetings. More information about this subcommittee's activities may be found on the website:

Also continuing to draw ongoing activity is the topic of classroom acoustics. We completed the additional part to the ANSI standard S12.60, with the expansion to address the large number of modular or 'portable' classrooms in use today. A revision of the original classroom standard was also completed. Please visit the ASA Store at to download your free copy of these important architectural acoustics standards.

Another recent, but established subcommittee concerning Green Building Acoustics continues to explore and report on the acoustical issues that green building standards sometimes create. Well attended special sessions took place at both the San Antonio and Baltimore meetings.

This year the TCAA again offered Best Student Paper Awards. Two awards were presented for papers given at the Portland meeting. Congratulations to first place recipient Dakota Kelly of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to second place recipient Derek Olson of Vassar College. The San Antonio meeting also featured the student design competition. First honors went to James Esplin of Brigham Young University and to second place recipient Ren Gang from the University of Rochester. At the Baltimore meeting, TCAA held their annual student design competition, sponsored by the Wenger Corporation, the ASA Robert Bradford Newman Student Award Fund and the National Council of Acoustical Consultants. There were more than 25 entries this year. First Honors went to Guo Yu, Liu Yanchang, and Hua Shan of Tsinghsua University. Commendations (in no particular order) were given to: Stephanie Hoeman of the University of Kansas; Norman Philipp and Rachel Lin of the University of Kansas; Charles Labatut, Jens Olsson, and Lukas Nordstrom of Chalmers University of Technology; Raul Pagan, Sebastian Jenneteg, and Joel Berge of Chalmers University of Technology. We are very much indebted to the judges who gave generously of their time: Richard Boner, Joel Lewitz, Tom McGraw, Neil Shade, Yan Xiang, Aaron Zephir.

Congratulations to TCAA members who were elected ASA Fellows this year. New Fellows include David Adams, Ralph Muehleisen, Dennis Paoletti, and Frank Brittain. We are also delighted to announce the awarding of the ASA Silver Medal in Noise to Michael Stinson and the Gold Medal to Jiri Tichy!

Many thanks to the following individuals for their hard work this past year in ASA on behalf of TCAA: for this period, Dana Hougland and Tim Foulkes were our representatives on the Medals and Awards Committee. Ron Freiheit serves on the Membership Committee, and George Winzer and Paul Schomer are our TCAA representatives to the ASA Committee on Standards. Both Lauren Ronsse and Norm Phillips have served as our Student Council representative. Lauren has also served as the Student Council Chair during the last year. The Associate Editors in Architectural Acoustics are Lily Wang and Ning Xiang for JASA, Ning Xiang for JASA Express Letters. Ralph Muehleisen is the Associate Editor for POMA. Finally, thanks to Alex Case for his newly elected responsibilities as TCAA Chair and to Kenneth Good and newly selected Secretary.

Brandon Tinianov, Chair 2007-2010
Alex U. Case, Chair 2010-2013
Architectural Acoustics Website
List of committee members

Biomedical Acoustics

The most significant event related to the TC over the past year was the decision to change the name to Biomedical Acoustics. The name change was initially discussed in Portland at the Thursday night TC meeting and the consensus was that it was time for a shorter and more representative name for the TC. The discussion was continued in San Antonio and an initial vote was taken to change the name to Biomedical Acoustics (BA). Due to the low number of attendees at the TC meeting, a follow-up-email vote of all ASA members with BB as their primary interest was taken and 100% of the 90 respondents voted to change the name of the TC to Biomedical Acoustics. On the final day of the Baltimore meeting, the Executive Council approved the name change. The full name change will take some time to propagate through all official documents, but should be fully in place by the Seattle meeting in Spring of 2011.

The 158th ASA meeting in San Antonio was a relatively relaxing week. There was a single special session spanning morning to afternoon titled "Multiple Scattering of Waves: From Theory to Application" chaired by Guillaume Haiat and Purnima Ratilal. There were two contributed sessions "Bubbles, Cavitation, and Heating" chaired by Parag Chitnis and "Imaging, Therapy, and Propagation" chaired by Mark Wochner. Co-sponsored sessions included "40th Anniversary of the Khokhlov-Zabolotskaya (KZ) Equation" and "Light and Sound in Science, Engineering, and Medicine". Mark Wochner acted as the representative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) for the meeting. Members active in BB that received the honor of Fellow included Michael Averkiou, Constantine Coussios, Diane Dalecki, Mostafa Fatemi, Kullervo Hynynen, Michael Insana, Andrew Szeri, Shin-ichiro Umemura, and Oleg Sapozhnikov. Hats off to Christy Holland on the Membership Committee for efficiently handling the large number of applicants that came through all at once. In addition, Christy Holland was one of four speakers for the short course titled "Acoustical Imaging Applications: Seismic, Underwater, Biomedical, and Speech" and Stanislav Emelianov presented the BB Hot Topics in Acoustics talk titled "Biomedical Photoacoustics: From Sensing to Imaging to Therapy". Finally, Lucie Somaglino finished her term as Student Council Representative and Derek Thomas was elected as the new student representative to BB.

Special sessions (and organizers) at the 159th ASA meeting in Baltimore included 1) "Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone" (Keith Wear), 2) "Ultrasound Induced Cellular Bioeffects" (Carr Everbach), 3) "Numerical Modeling for Medical Ultrasound" (Robert McGough and Vera Khokhlova), 4) "Ultrasonically Activated Agents" (Oliver Kripfgans), and 5) "Blast-induced Traumatic Brain Injury: Mechanisms, Assessment, Therapy, and Mitigation" (Steve Kargl, Willy Moss and Tom Matula). Also, thank you to the contributed session Chairs Parag Chitnis, Matthew Urban, Diane Dalecki, and James McLaughlin. Keith Wear and Carr Everbach were TPOM representatives for the meeting. Kelley Garvin was named recipient of the Student Paper Award for her paper "Ultrasound standing wave fields induce endothelial cell sprouting within three-dimensional engineered tissue" and 2nd prize went to Christian Anderson for his paper "Comparison of conventional ultrasonic phase velocity and attenuation measurements of cancellous bone to estimates obtained using Bayesian probability theory." Members active in BB that received the honor of Fellow included Jean-Yves Chapelon, Pascal Laugier, and Keith Wear. And last but not least, our very own Ron Roy received the Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal for his work in BB and Physical Acoustics. We are all very proud of him and will be lining up to imbibe his wisdom.

A few items of business arose in Baltimore at the Thursday night TC meeting. First, Charlie Church replaced Tim Leighton as the POMA Associate Editor for BB. Second, Tyrone Porter is Chair, along with Kevin Haworth and Todd Hay, of an Ad Hoc Committee to revise the format of the student paper competition for BB. A discussion ensued about how to organize the student paper competition and it was decided to try a poster format in Seattle. Students will present their normal oral presentation but a separate poster session will be organized at which the students will briefly summarize their work to a panel of judges. The judges will confer and then award the prizes. The feeling was that this will provide a more uniform judging format and will give the students a chance to discuss their work with a wide variety of attendees. We will decide whether or not to continue this format based on feedback from participants.

Finally, Christy Holland, Charlie Church, Doug Mast and Ron Roy served on an Ad Hoc Committee to revise the scope of the TC (Rules, Appendix A). The current draft was discussed, slightly modified, and then the attendees voted unanimously to adopt the new scope. The new scope for the TC is: Concerned with the study of the interactions of acoustic waves with biological materials, including cells, tissues, organ systems and entire organisms. Relevant areas of interest include but are not limited to: 1.) Diagnostic and therapeutic applications of acoustics in medicine, 2.) Biological effects of exposure to mechanical vibration and acoustic waves, 3.) Acoustic propagation in biological materials, 4.) Instrumentation, 5.) Ultrasound field calibration, exposimetry and dosimetry, 6.) Ultrasound contrast agents, 7.) Medical image and signal processing, 8.) Characterization and processing of biological materials, and 9.) Physiological measurements.

In addition to everyone who volunteered to help this past year, we would like to acknowledge the contribution of some specific individuals. The Associate Editors of JASA and JASA Express Letters (JASA-EL) for BB related areas are Charles Church, Doug Miller, Doug Mast, Robin Cleveland, Mardi Hastings, Oleg Sapozhnikov, Paul Barbone, Joel Mobley, Steve Kargl, Mark Hamilton, Tom Matula, Joel Mobley, and Andrew Szeri. Shira Broschat is the outgoing webmaster of the former BB website and the Chair will act as webmaster of the new BA site ( Lawrence Crum is the representative to the Medals and Awards Committee. Christy Holland is the representative to the Membership Committee. Steve Kargl is the representative on a committee to update the PACS structure. Peter Kaczkowski and Vera Khokhlova are the representatives to ASACOS.

Jeffrey Ketterling, Chair
Biomedical Acoustics
List of committee members

Engineering Acoustics

Thanks to each of the Engineering Acoustics special sessions organizers. In addition to the creativity and effort put forth by these chairs to draw in high quality papers and recognized subject matter experts, they also helped demonstrate the depth of Engineering Acoustics, facilitated valuable interdisciplinary discussions and technology transitions. The success of these special sessions reinforces how important Engineering Acoustics is to all the different technical areas with ASA. I encourage all of you to contact me or an Engineering Acoustics Technical Committee (EATC) member with ideas for special sessions, hot topics, tutorials, or other areas you would like ASA and EATC to pursue. Please don't be concerned about the level of effort involved by you organizing a special session; it is very easy thanks to the procedures established by ASA for the administration of all details relating to organizing these sessions. It is a well oiled machine, and I really would like you to step forward with your own ideas. The EATC usually meets on Tuesday night of all ASA meeting, and I welcome you to become involved in helping EATC plan future meeting sessions. If there is a topic that interests you, I guarantee there are plenty of other researchers willing to present their work in the same area.

The special sessions held at the Portland meeting were: Tom Howarth organized "Topical Meeting on Wind Turbines: Acoustic Engineering of Wind Turbines" and "Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting,"; Ken Walsh led "Lasers in Underwater Acoustics." In San Antonio, "Acoustic Measurement and Models for Sensors and Arrays" was chaired by Dehua Huang, "Geophysical Acoustics" was chaired by Fernando Garcia-Osuna, and Stephen C. Thompson chaired "Magnetostriction in Galfenol and its Applications." EATC also co-sponsored the following sessions: "A Man for All Seasons: Tribute to Robert T. Beyer," "Light and Sound in Science, Engineering, and Medicine," "Structural Acoustics and Vibrations in Nano-materials," and "Spaces for Experimental Media and Spatial Sound Reproduction."

Finally, in Baltimore the following special sessions organized and chaired by EATC members went very well: Allan Zucherwar's "Electret Condenser Microphones," Jim West's "Directional Microphone Arrays Signal Processing," Ken Walsh's, "Computer Modeling Methods for Complex Environments," Daniel Warren's "Acoustic Impedance of the Ear", Steve Thompson's "Sound Projection and Transduction." and Michael Scanlon's "Battlefield Acoustics" session for SP. EATC members also supported other sessions, such as Dehua Huang's co-sponsored involvement with Physical Acoustics "Memorial Session for Mack Breazeale." Other co-sponsored sessions included: "Experimental Techniques and Instruments in Noise and Vibration," "Rooms for Reproduced Sound," "Nondestructive Testing of Materials," "Measurement and Modeling of the Acoustic Properties of the Banjo," and "Application of Auditory Models to Hearing Aids."

The student contributions to these sessions have been excellent, and I would like to encourage all students and their advisors to make sure that they submit their abstracts for the student competition. I also would like to thank all of the meeting attendees who volunteered to be student paper judges, and hope that others will volunteer for future conferences.

If you have special skills in webpage design or as a web master, Steve Thompson would appreciate help maintaining the EATC websites: ACOSOC.ORG and ACOUSTICS.ORG. Steve has made great progress in facilitating configuration management, archival, edit/upload, and standardizing appearance.

I thank all of the committee volunteers for their time and efforts to help EA and ASA. The EATC is represented on the Medals and Awards Committee by Kim Benjamin, on the Membership Committee by Steve Thompson, and on ASACOS by Robert Drake. Allan Zuckerwar is Associate Editor of JASA and Fernando Garcia-Osuna is Associate Editor of POMA. Scott Porter the EATC Student Council representative. Unfortunately, Cancun will be Scott's last meeting in this position. We thank him for his lengthy service, and we will miss his representation. I ask the EATC membership to consult with their students to recruit a volunteer and recommend a replacement to the TC.

Finally, all TC's were asked to rewrite their scope statement. We created an EATC Scope Revision Subcommittee, with members Steve Thompson, Daniel Warren, Beth McLaughlin, Victor Nedzelnitsky, Mark Sheplak, and Hasson Tavossi. Together, and with extensive wordsmith help from all of the Baltimore EATC meeting attendees, the following scope was approved by EATC vote and submitted to the Executive Council for final approval in Cancun, Mexico: "Engineering Acoustics encompasses the theory and practice of creating tools for investigating acoustical phenomena and applying knowledge of acoustics to practical utility. This includes the design and modeling of acoustical and vibrational transducers, arrays, and transduction systems in all media and frequency ranges; instrumentation, metrology, and calibration; measurement and computational techniques as they relate to acoustical phenomena and their utility; and the engineering of materials and devices." The committee felt that this statement tersely encompasses the majority of our primary interests without encroaching on other TCs. Obviously, we will continue to support and co-sponsor other areas not explicitly outlined above, and encourage ASA to revise the scopes more often to adapt to the changing fields within acoustics.

See you in Cancun!

Michael V. Scanlon, Chair
Engineering Acoustics website
List of committee members

Musical Acoustics

During 2009-2010 the Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics (TCMU) was chaired by Paul Wheeler. TCMU representatives to other committee were: James P. Cottingham, Membership; Uwe J. Hansen, Medals and Awards; Diana Deutsch, ASACOS; Eric A. Dieckman, Student Council; and Paul A. Wheeler, Technical Council. Associate Editors were Diana Deutsch and Neville H. Fletcher (JASA), Thomas D. Rossing and Murray D. Campbell (JASA Express Letters), and James W. Beauchamp (POMA). Technical Program Organizing Committee (TPOM) representative was James P. Cottingham for both San Antonio and Baltimore. Those appointed or reappointed as TCMU members for 2010-2012 were R. Dean Ayers, Judith C. Brown, Courtney B. Burroughs, John R. Buschert, Joel Gilbert, Thomas M. Huber, Bozena Kostek, Daniel O. Ludwigsen, Thomas R. Moore, Thomas D. Rossing, David B. Sharp, Julius O. Smith, William J. Strong, and Joe Wolfe.

At the 158th Meeting in San Antonio, held October 26-30, 2009, TCMU presented five special sessions and two concerts: 2aMUa "Acoustics of Free-Reed Instruments I" and 2pMUa "Acoustics of Free-Reed Instruments II: Accordion Acoustics" chaired by James P. Cottingham; 2aMUb "Acoustical Measurements on Musical Instruments" chaired by Daniel O. Ludwigsen; 3aMU "Psychoacoustic Response to Musical Instruments" chaired by Rolf Bader; 4aMU "Musical Abilities and Other Abilities: Innane and Environmental Influences" chaired by Diana Deutsch; 2pMUb "Pitch Bending Accordion Demonstration and Concert" arranged by James P. Cottingham; and 2pMUc "Concert featuring Juan Tejeda and the Band Conjunto Aztlan" arranged by Paul A. Wheeler. The winners of the Best Student Papers were: Daniel Zietlow (Rollins College), "The auger shell whistle," and Whitney L. Coyle (Murray State University) "Influence of accordion reed chamber geometry on reed vibration and airflow."

At the 159th Meeting in Baltimore, held April 19-23, 2010, TCMU presented five special sessions: 1aMU "String Instruments" chaired by Paul A. Wheeler; 1pMU "Homemade Musical Instruments for Teaching Acoustics" chaired by Thomas D. Rossing, Preston S. Wilson, and Andrew C. H. Morrison; 2aMU "The Contemporary Traditional Violin" chaired by George A. Bissinger; 3aMU Measurement and Modeling of the Acoustic Properties of the Banjo" chaired by Grace A. Clark (with a mini concert of banjo playing presented by Grace A. Clark); and 5aMU "Extended Instrument Techniques" chaired by Jonas Braasch. Paper 1aMU1 "Traditional string instruments of the world" by Paul A. Wheeler was also presented as part of the accompanying persons program. The winners of the Best Student Papers were: Gang Wen (Univ. of Rochester) "The shape of musical sound: Real-time visualization of expressiveness in musical performance" and Chao-Yu J. Perng (Stanford University) "Toward the modeling of harpsichord plucking".

James Cottingham continues to maintain a very useful website for TCMU ( It includes links to future meetings, minutes of previous TCMU meetings, annual reports, student paper award winners, as well as useful links to teaching websites and musical acousticians.

Paul Wheeler, Chair
Musical Acoustics Website
List of committee members


The Technical Committee on Noise (TCNS) continued to be very active in 2009-2010. The Silver Medal in Noise was awarded to Mike Stinson in San Antonio. In Baltimore, Jiri Tichy, a past chair of this committee, received the Gold Medal; and Kent Gee, active in the committee, received the R. Bruce Lindsay Award. Two new fellows were elected this year: Ralph T. Muehleisen and Frank Brittain. Young presenter awards were announced for Norman Philipp for the Portland meeting and Kenneth Marek and Ashley Woodall for the San Antonio meeting (2 awards).

The 158th meeting in San Antonio, TX, included 33 noise papers in 4 sessions. In addition, Noise was one of the presentations in the Hot Topics session. The Noise special sessions were "Sustainable Building Systems and Acoustic Performance," co-chaired by Erica E. Ryherd and Kelly A. Aston; "Advancements in Noise Control, Hearing Conservation, and Speech," chaired by Pamela J. Harght; "Advancements in Noise Control in Latin America," chaired by Sergio Beristain; and "Advancements in Soundscape Applications and Standards," co-chaired by Alexander U. Case and Gary W. Siebein. Pamela J. Harght served as the Noise representative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM), and Bennett Brooks and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp helped organize the Soundscape session. Also at this meeting, it was announced that the Fall, 2009 issue of Acoustics Today would be entirely on Noise, and an updated scope of the committee was voted on (committee consisting of Bennett Brooks, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Mike Stinson, Larry Finegold, and Nancy Timmerman). The Noise committee cooperates with Architectural Acoustics with standards activities on Classroom Acoustics and LEED (Green building) standards for schools and hospitals.

The 159th meeting, joint with Noise-Con 2010, was held in Baltimore, MD. This represented a major effort for the committee, as many members belong to both ASA and INCE (Institute for Noise Control Engineering), which sponsors the Noise-Con series. There were about 130 noise papers in 11 noise-led sessions, joint with Noise-Con. The sessions were: "Healthcare Acoustics/Noise and Occupant Perception and Performance (joint with AA)," co-chaired by Erica Ryherd, Ken Roy, and Mandy Kuchur, "Effects of Noise on Humans and Non-human Animals" (joint with AB), co-chaired/organized by Ann Bowles and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, "Ventilation, Fan, and Duct Noise Control" (joint with AA and INCE), co-chaired/organized by Lixi Huang, Kirill Horoshenkov, and Jian Kang, "Soundscape Concert" (joint with AA), co-chaired/organized by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Bennett Brooks, and Alex Case, "Noise and its Control in Complex and Urban environments," cochaired/organized by Siu-Kit Lau and Kai Ming Li, "Wind Turbine Noise" (joint with ASACOS), co-chaired/organized by Ken Kaliski and Robert Hellweg, "Acoustics and Public Policy" (joint with AB), chaired by Nancy Timmerman, "Military Noise Environments-Continuous and Impulsive" (joint with PA) chaired by Richard L. McKinley, "Low Frequency Noise," organized by Detlef Krahe, "Standards in Psychoacoustics" (joint with ASACOS), organized by Klaus Genuit, "Rocket Noise Environments" (joint with PA), co-chaired by Kent L. Gee and Jeremy Kenny. In addition, there was a Public Outreach Workshop, organized by Larry Finegold on Monday, and a symposium called "Urban Design with Noise in Mind" which was similar to a function held in Portland, coordinated by Kerrie Standlee and George Luz, and supported by innovation funding on Friday (off-site). There was also a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) panel discussion on supersonic aircraft design on Wednesday night which was open to the public.

There were twenty-two (22) entries for the Young Presenter Award divided between Noise and Noise-Con sessions. Nancy Timmerman was the representative to the TPOM for the meeting. Standards groups also met at this meeting, with updates on classroom acoustics and on hearing protection standards imminent. Owing to the volcanic ash from Iceland, a number of European members were unable to attend this meeting.

Thanks to following people who have represented TCNS within the ASA during this time: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp on the Medals and Awards Committee, Bennett Brooks on the Membership Committee, Cole Duke on Student Council, Rich Peppin on ASACOS (Committee on Standards), and Paul Schomer, Standards Director. For the Young Presenter Award, Arno Bommer coordinated the San Antonio judging and he was helped by Eric Reuter, Steven Pettyjohn and Ralph Muehleisen in Baltimore. The JASA Associate Editors for Noise are Ben S. Cazzolato, Ken Cunefare, Vladimir Ostashev, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, and Kirill V. Horoshenkov; Mike Stinson for JASA Express Letters, and Kent Gee for POMA. The committee congratulates Brigitte on her election as Vice President-Elect, and Angelo Campanella will take her place on the Medals and Awards Committee. The committee also notes that Alan Wall will be the new Student Council representative. Les Blomberg, of Noise Pollution Clearinghouse, continues to maintain the committee's website.

Nancy S. Timmerman, Chair
Noise website
List of committee members

Physical Acoustics

Meeting Minutes - San Antonio, Texas
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1. Tom Matula commented on the excellent attendance and the Chair was very pleased to note that there were 10-15 new students in attendance.

2. Many thanks to Mark Wochner, Jon La Follett and others for assisting with refreshments.

3. Events
Tribute Session for Bob Beyer: 2pPA; Hot Topics Presentation on Photoacoustics (Staz Emelianov): 3pID1; Plenary and Awards: Wed. at 3:30 pm; It was pointed out that the Women in Acoustics Committee is sponsoring a Round Table Mentoring Discussion at 5:30-6:30 on Wednesday in Nueces.

4. Student Council (Jon R. La Follet)
Reminded the Committee that nominations are due for the Mentoring Award

5. San Antonio --October 26-30, 2009

Special Sessions:

40th Anniversary of the KZK Equation (2aPA) Joint with BB - Vera Khokhlova and Mark Hamilton; A Man for All Seasons: Tribute to Robert T. Beyer (1pPA) Joint with EA - Tim Stanton and Murray Korman; Light and Sound in Science, Engineering and Medicine (3aPA) Joint with BB and EA - Joel Mobley and Ron Roy; Multiple Scattering of Waves: From Theory to Application (4aBB, 4pBB) Joint with BB and UW - Guliiaume Haiat and Purnima Ratilal; Structural Acoustics for Poroelastic Materials (4pSA) Joint with SA - Noureddine Atalla

PA contributed session Chairs: Ralph Muehleison, Carr Everbach , Joseph Gladden

Congratulations to:

Silver Medal (Noise): Mike Stinson; Mentoring Award: Ken Suslick; New Fellows: Mike Averkiou, Constantin Coussios, Diane Dalecki, Kullervo Hynynen, Robert Leisure, Ralph Muehleisen, Andrew Szeri, Oleg Sapozhnikov

Thanks to:

Physical Acoustics representatives: TPOM Rep: Preston Wilson; PA Membership Committee: Charlie Church; PA Student Council Rep: Jon R. La Follet; PA ASACOS: Richard Raspet; PA Medals and Awards: Carr Everbach; PA Books Committee: Phil Marston; PA Fellow's Lunch "Mentor": Gilles Daigle

6. April, 19-23, 2010 Baltimore, MD (joint with NOISE-CON)

Special Sessions:

Special Session on Ultrasonics, Nonlinear Acoustics, and Acousto-optics in Honor of Mack Breazeale - Lev A. Ostrovsky and Laszlo Adler; Shock Wave and High Strain Rate Probes of Materials - Al Migliori; Sonic Boom Joint with SA and NS - Vic Sparrow, Natalia Sizov and Kimberly Lefkowitz; Ultrasonically Activated Agents (BB) - Oliver Kripfgans; Physical Acoustics in Boston Symphony Hall: a guide for the perplexed (AA) - Jim Lee; Military Noise Environments (NS) - Richard McKinley; Rocket Noise Environments (NS) - Kent Gee and Jeremy Kenny; Battlefield Acoustics (SP) - Michael Scanlon and David Chambers; Aircraft Exterior Noise (Noise-CON) - Pierre Lempereur and Eric Boeker; Flow Noise (Noise-CON) - Dean Capone; Sound Propagation in the Atmosphere (Noise-CON) - Keith Attenborough

Organizers are asked to Schedule "special meetings" for Thursday and Friday due to the fact that there will be a shortage of meeting rooms Monday-Wednesday.

TPOM REPS: Murray Korman and Jim Sabatier (December 11-12, 2009)

7. Nov 15-19, 2010: Cancun, Mexico

Special Sessions: Acoustical Exploitation of Periodic Structures -Proposed by Keith Attenborough; 30 Years of Resonance Ultrasound - Proposed by Al Migliori;

8. May 23-27, 2011: Seattle, WA

Ideas for Special Sessions: Acoustics of Methane Hydrates - Suggested by Preston Wilson;
Violent Cavitation Activity in Water and Other Liquids - Suggested by Tom Matula

9. Moving Forward….

Fall 2011 Open Date; Spring 2012 Providence? (see below); Fall 2012 Open Date;
Spring 2013 Montreal (joint with ICA) - Chair: Mike Stinson

A proposal is on the table to shift the Providence Meeting to Hong Kong, where it will be joint with WESPAC and ASC (proposed May 13-18, 2012). There was discussion on the pros and cons of the idea, and the committee showed overwhelming support for going to Hong Kong. About 35-40 people indicated they would likely attend such a meeting.

10. Technical Initiatives

Speaker Travel Support $1500 Web Page Maintenance $300; Student Paper Award $500

New Initiative: Request $2500 in partial support of Physical Acoustics Summer School to be held May or June of 2010. Request was submitted at the October 30th meeting of the Technical Council.

Tom Matula took a head count of PATC people present who has attended a PASS. At least 30 hands went up!

11. Student paper award - No PA Student Paper Award in San Antonio

Tyrone Porter presented a proposal for how to structure a student paper award. There was much discussion and the committee voted to stick with the current system (judges present at the sessions fill out forms for individual students) with the following change: rather than recruit specific judges for specific students, any non-student member of the society in the room can choose to judge. Forms will be handed out and collected at each session.

12. Web site
PA has the only ASA site on Jim Sabatier has set up an URL at NCPA for the site Matt Poese will author the initial manifestation of the new site.

A web site for technical committee pages is available and is managed at PSU by Steve Thompson. A configuration management system is available (

13. PATC Scope and the planned PACS Revision
Many thanks to: Keith Wilson (chair), Anthony Atchley, Gilles Daigle, Bob Keolian, Murray Korman, Tom Matula, and Jim Sabatier

This is the proposed revision to the scope of the PATC: The Physical Acoustics Technical Committee is concerned with fundamental acoustic wave propagation phenomena from infrasonic to ultrasonic frequencies, and the use of acoustics to probe and change the physical properties of matter. Theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches are used. Topics being investigated by its members include:

-Propagation of sound through fluids and fluid-filled materials
-Sound propagation in the atmosphere, including the effects of weather and terrain
-Porous media acoustics
-Nonlinear acoustics
-Shock wave propagation in the atmosphere, in solids, and in medical acoustics
-Use of acoustics as a tool in studying in studying the microscopic and macroscopic nature of materials
-Cavitation phenomena in physical and biological media
-Interaction of sound with light and other forms of radiation

Phil Marston has expressed concern that we make it clear that PA is a home for individuals trained as physicists who which to embrace research in acoustics. Logan Hargrove expressed concern that the bullets were not sufficiently comprehensive. Several other comments were made. Of particular note was Phil's suggestion that we decouple this process from a parallel effort aimed at revising the PACS classification system. That way we can exercise more freedom in formatting a statement that is in keeping with the needs of the PATC.


Related matter: Allan Pierce needs a representative from each TC to serve as a liaison vis a vis the ongoing process of revising the PACS system. Many thanks for Dick Stern for volunteering.

14. Special Issues in JASA
Allan Pierce is looking for volunteer to organize special issues for JASA. The organizer would be asked to preface the papers with a guest editorial.

15. Future Research Directions
Each TC publishes a document detailing future research directions in JASA. Could be done by committee with the chair as principle author A workshop to discuss and draft document? A special session with a panel discussion? Larry Crum agreed to serve on an ad hoc committee to address this issue, to be organized by the Chair.

16. Other business?
Jim Sabatier made a plea for volunteers to "take a student to lunch".

Dick Stern put in a plug for "special issues" of Acoustics Today based on three coordinated articles on a related topic.

17. Adjourn
Minutes will be distributed via email attachment

Respectfully Submitted:
Ronald A. Roy
October 29, 2009

Meeting Minutes - Baltimore, MD
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1. The Chair commented on the excellent attendance and acknowledged about 10 new students in attendance, all of whom introduced themselves.

2. Many thanks to…
The Chair wishes to acknowledge and thank Jon La Follet and others for assisting with refreshments.

3. Events Gallery of Acoustics, Grand Ballroom Foyer, M-F 9:00-5:00; Jam Session, Kozmos Lounge, Wed. 9:00PM - 12:00AM; Plenary Session: Harborside Ballroom, Wed. at 3:30 pm; Listen Up and Get Involved (3eED); State of the Art in Aircraft Technology… (Grand Ballroom, Wed. 7:00-8:30); Panel discussion led by Vic Sparrow and Laurette Fisher

4. Student Council (Jon R. La Follet)
Many thanks to Jon La Follet for doing a great job for the Committee. It is time to elect a new member to the Council.

5. Baltimore -- April 19-23, 2010
Special Sessions Held:
Ultrasonics, Nonlinear Acoustics, Acousto-Optics and Engineering Acoustics in Honor of Mack Breazeale I & II (2aPA & 2pPA) - Lev Ostrovsky and Nico Declercq
Sonic Boom I & II (3aPA & 3pPA) - Natalia Sizov, Kimberly Lefkowitz and Vic Sparrow
Shock Wave and High Strain Rate Probes of Materials (4aPAb) - Albert Migliori
PA contributed session Chairs: Matt Poese (4aPAa); Martin Verweij & Robin Cleveland (4pPA);
Yves Berthelot (5aPAa); Andi Petculescu (5aPAb); eith Wilson & W.C. Kirkpatrick Alberts (5pPAa)
Andrea Prosperetti & Andrew Piacsek (5pPAb)

Congratulations to: R. Bruce Lindsay Award: Kent Gee; Von Bekesy Medal: Bill Rhode; Helmholtz-Rayleigh Silver Medal: Ron Roy; Gold Medal: Jiri Tichy; New Fellows: Frank Brittain, Paul Gammell, Oleg Lobkis, Mark Sheplak,

Thanks to:
TPOM Rep: Murray Korman; Membership Committee: Charlie Church; Student Council Rep: Jon R. La Follet; ASACOS: Richard Raspet; Medals and Awards: Carr Everbach; Books Committee: Phil Marston; Fellow's Lunch "Mentor": Jim Sabatier

6. Cancun, Mexico: Nov 15-19, 2010
Special Sessions Scheduled:
Acoustical Exploitation of Periodic Structures (joint with Noise) Keith Attenborough and Juan Sanchez Perez
Thirty Years of Resonant Ultrasound Al Migliori
TPOM REP: Tom Matula (June 25-26, 2010)

7. Seattle, WA: May 23-27, 2011
Special Sessions Planned:
"Violent Cavitation Activity in Water and Other Liquids" (Joint with EA) - Larry Crum, Tom Matula and Felipe Gaitan
The explosive growth and violent collapse of a bubble, or a cluster of bubbles, can lead to extreme conditions inside and in the immediate vicinity of the bubble. Understanding these conditions, and designing ways to enhance these conditions are of interest "The Acoustics of Gas Hydrates" (Joint with AO and UW) - Preston Wilson
Acoustic properties of gas hydrates and the use of acoustics to locate and characterize gas hydrates, including ebullition rate "Imaging and Monitoring with Diffuse Waves" Joint with UW & SAV - Eric Larose (LGIT-CNRS, Grenoble) & Jay Maynard
Physical concepts such as radiative and mesoscopic transport of ultrasound, multiple scattering, applications to monitoring and imaging
"Advances in Physical, Nonlinear, Engineering, and Atmospheric Acoustics in Memory of Professor RongJue Wei - a Pioneer of Acoustics Research and Education in China" (Joint with EA) - Junru Wu
A recognition of Rongjue Wei's pioneering work in physical, nonlinear, engineering, and atmospheric acoustics as well as acoustics education in China; personal reminiscences of the Professor's life and impact
"Nonlinear Acoustic Waves and Their Characterization" (Joint with BB ) - Oleg Sapozhnikov and Robin Cleveland
A session addressing the propagation and characterization of intense acoustic waves in gases, liquids, and solids
TPOM REP: Andy Piacsek and a second TBD (February, 2011)

Tom Matula discussed possible plans for a Dinner Cruise for Thursday. A show of hands indicated that a moderate number of people would shell out the $70 for the event. (estimated head count about 35).

The Student Council is planning a soccer game matchup between the students and the geezers. If you have an interest in playing, monitor the ASA student website or consult the PATC student rep - who is to be determined.

8. San Diego, CA: October 31 - November 4, 2011
Special Sessions Proposed:
"Hypersonic Spectroscopy of Microstructured Materials" Joint with EA and SAV? - P. Snow & K.G. Foote
"Imaging in, and the Characterization of, Extreme Environments" - Albert Migliori & Chris Pantea
"Acoustic Sensing of Buried Tunnels and Cavities" - Jim Sabatier

9. Moving Forward….
May 14-18, 2012 Hong Kong (joint with WESPAC)
Coordinate SS with WESPAC and China
Fall 2012 Open Date
June 2-7, 2013 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Joint with CAA)
Fall 2013 Open Date
Spring 2014 Providence, RI

10. Technical Initiatives
Speaker Travel Support $1500 Web Page Maintenance $300; Student Paper Award $500

A call for ideas for technical initiatives went out - yet again - the there was no response. Maybe we should send a spy to the AATC meeting to see how the manage to remain so active in this area.

11. Future Research Directions
Suggestion of workshops on future research directions in order to develop JASA publications:
Summary of TC discussion San Antonio
i. In favor of workshops or sessions: Noise, Engin., Physical, P&P, Sig. Proc.
ii. Not in favor: Under. Acoust., Oceanog., Animal, B&B
iii. No response: Archit., Music, Speech, Struct.

- incorporate a workshop into a regular ASA meeting
- have it on an extra day of an ASA meeting
- have a special meeting focused on this workshop topic
- create a special session
- other…
Mixed opinion among the various technical committees as reported at the Technical Council. Should the individual TC's develop their own plans (or not) in consultation with Allan Pierce?... There was not much enthusiasm in the PATC for pursuing this option.

12. JASA Special Issues
"Education in Acoustics" - Guest Editor: Preston Wilson
"Musical Acoustics" - Guest Editor: Tom Rossing
"Ocean Acoustics at Continental Shelfbreaks" - Guest Editor: Jim Lynch
"Acoustics of Bubbles and Cavitation" - Guest Editor: Ron Roy
Submit before November 23, 2010; Accept before March 23, 2011
Instructions sent in a broadcast email to PATC & Friends

13. Student paper award
No PA Student Paper Award in Baltimore or Cancun, but the PATC agreed to institute an award in Seattle, using the rules voted on in San Antonio

  • Judges present at the sessions fill out forms for individual students

  • Any non-student member of the Society in the room can choose to judge

  • Forms will be handed out and collected at each session

  • Competition organizers for Seattle: Kerry Commander, Mark Wochner and Matt Poese.
    Larry Crum suggested the possibility of a dedicated poster session. This as discussed in San Antonio and voted down. However, depending on how things go in Seattle, we might reconsider his suggestion, which is being adopted by BB for the Seattle meeting.

    14. Other Business?
    Phil Marston informed the Committee of plans for reprint Mason's "Physical Acoustics".

    15. PATC Scope
    We have voted on a new scope. Many thanks to: Keith Wilson (The Man), Anthony Atchley, David Blackstock, Gilles Daigle, Logan Hargrove, Bob Keolian, Phil Marston, Tom Matula, and Jim Sabatier.

    Previous Scope:
    The physical acoustics technical committee is concerned with fundamental acoustic wave propagation phenomena, including transmission, reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, scattering, absorption, dispersion of sound, and sonoluminescence. The use of acoustics to study physical properties of matter, and to produce changes in these properties, is also of interest. Theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches are used. Relevant subjects are:

  • Ultrasonics and infrasonics
  • Propagation of sound through the atmosphere, fluids, and fluid-filled materials
  • Nonlinear acoustics
  • Biomedical ultrasound
  • Use of acoustics as a tool in studying superconductivity, dislocation in solids, and lattice vibrations
  • Acoustical studies of structural and dynamical properties of matter
  • Interaction of sound with light and other forms of radiation
  • New Scope:
    Physical Acoustics lies at the heart of all acoustics. The Physical Acoustics Technical Committee is concerned with fundamental acoustic wave phenomena from infrasonic to ultrasonic frequencies. Theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches are used. Topics being investigated by its members include:

    * Use of acoustics in probing the physical properties of materials and other systems with relevance to physics
    * Sound and vibrations in fluid-filled media, including porous media
    * Thermoacoustics
    * Propagation of sound in the Earth and in planetary atmospheres
    * Nonlinear acoustics and shock waves in gases, liquids, and solids
    * Cavitation phenomena in physical and biological media
    * Interaction of sound with light and other forms of radiation
    * Attenuative processes and dispersion

    16. Adjourn
    Minutes will be distributed via email attachment

    Respectfully Submitted: Ronald A. Roy
    April 28, 2009

    Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

    The P&P Technical Committee traditionally emphasizes the Spring meeting over the Fall, and the Fall meeting in San Antonio, Texas, continued that tradition, with two contributed sessions. We thank Craig Champlin for being our representative at the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM). The Spring meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, was a success, despite the best efforts of a certain Icelandic volcano, which kept a large contingent of our European colleagues away. Three special sessions provided an exciting program with topics of Noise Induced Hearing Loss-From Physiology to Prevention (organized by Kim Schairer and Sharon Kujawa), Music, the Brain and Hearing Impairment (organized by Kelly Fitz, Martin McKinney, and Xiaoqin Wang), and the Application of Auditory Models to Hearing Aids (organized by Brent Edwards). Special thanks to Sandra Gordon-Salant and Monita Chatterjee, who were the P&P TPOM representatives for this very busy meeting. One highlight of the Baltimore meeting was the awarding of the von Békésy Silver Medal to Bill Rhode, for his seminal contributions to our understanding of cochlear mechanics and the cochlear nucleus.

    The Technical Committee meeting saw the presentation of annual reports from the current Associate Editors (AEs) of JASA. John Middlebrooks, Brian Moore, and Magdalena Wojtczak are stepping down after three years of outstanding service, and Emily Buss, Torsten Dau, and Laurent Demany will be beginning their terms in July. We thank the outgoing and all our current AEs, Brenda Lonsbury-Martin, Bill Shofner, Chris Plack and Michael Akeroyd for their service. Erick Gallun remains AE for POMA, and Qian-Je Fu and Brenda Lonsbury-Martin continue as AEs for JASA Express Letters (JASA-EL).

    The Technical Committee meeting was used as the venue to elect new members to the P&P technical committee. The terms of Sid Bacon, Qian-Jie Fu, Kim Schairer, Chris Shera, Ed Walsh, and Bev Wright came to an end, the terms of John Grose, Erv Hafter, Walt Jesteadt, Lori Leibold, Nicole Marrone, and Pamela Souza began, and the following new members were elected to begin their terms in 2011: Gin Best, Bob Carlyon, Monita Chatterjee, Torsten Dau, Eric Healy, and Peggy Nelson. Thanks to Bev Wright and Qian-Jie Fu for recruiting the candidates and organizing the election. Dorea Ruggles continues as the P&P representative on the Student Council.

    We thank Bill Hartmann, our representative to the Medals and Awards Committee, Lynne Werner, our representative to the Membership Committee, and Jeff DiGiovanni, our representative to ASACOS. The P&P Technical Initiatives continue unchanged. The initiatives include limited travel support for invited speakers, student receptions, and homepage maintenance. Suggestions for uses of funds, including innovations such as workshops and satellite meetings, etc., are welcome and should be sent to

    Andrew J. Oxenham, Chair
    Psychological and Physiological Acoustics website
    List of committee members

    Signal Processing in Acoustics

    The Signal Processing Technical Committee (SPTC) organized 3 special sessions for the October 2009 San Antonio meeting and 3 special sessions for the April 2010 Baltimore meeting.

    The special sessions for San Antonio were "Categorization of animal acoustic signals" organized by Sean Lehman, "Time - Frequency Theory and Applications" organized by Ed Sullivan, and "Kalman and Particle Filters in Acoustics" organized by Peter Gerstoft and Zoi-Helini Michalopoulou. There were a total of 19 invited papers and 13 contributed papers presented in these sessions. A Short Course on "Acoustic Imaging Applications: Seismic, Underwater, Biomedical and Speech" was presented by Max Deffenbaugh, Jules Jaffe, Christy Holland, and Maureen Stone at the San Antonio meeting. The Best Paper by a Young Presenter Award at the San Antonio meeting was split between Brett Bissinger of Penn State University for the paper "Minimum Hellinger Distance Classification of Passive Underwater Acoustic Signals" and Rashi Jain of New Jersey Institute of Technology for the paper "A particle filtering approach for multipath arrival time estimation from acoustic time series." Our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representative for San Antonio was Natalia Sidorovskaia.

    In Baltimore the special sessions were "Maximum Entropy and Bayesian Signal Processing" organized by Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou, "Sparse Approximations in Signal Processing" organized by Jim Preisig and Ananya Sen Gupta, and "Classification Methods in Acoustics and Non-Gaussian Noise" organized by Lee Culver and Brett Bissinger. There were 29 invited papers and 16 contributed papers presented in these sessions. A short course on "Array Signal Processing for Sonar" was presented by Doug Abraham at the Baltimore meeting. The Best Paper by a Young Presenter Award at the Baltimore meeting went to Na Zhu from Wayne State University for the paper "Error analysis of locating arbitrary sound sources in 3D space in real time." Our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representative for Baltimore was Charlie Gaumond.

    Special thanks go to Edmund J. Sullivan and William Carey, the signal processing Associate Editors of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, and to Jim Candy and Charlie Gaumond, the signal processing Associate Editors for JASA Express Letters, and Sean Lehman, signal processing Associate Editor for POMA, for their selfless service to the Society and SPTC. The SP web site has been maintained by Sean Lehman, who also took care of the Gallery of Acoustics. Brian Anderson took over the Gallery of Acoustics for Baltimore at the last minute, and he will continue to take charge of it in the future. Paul Gendron is responsible for the Student Challenge Problem. Bill Carey has served as the SP representative to the Medals and Awards committee. Ning Xiang served as representative to the Membership Committee and Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou has taken over that responsibility as of the Baltimore meeting. Charlie Gaumond serves on the ASA Standards Committee. Thanks to Colin Jemmott for several years service as our student representative. Brandon Hamschin was selected as student representative for the Cancun and Seattle meetings.

    R. Lee Culver, Chair
    Signal Processing in Acoustics website
    List of committee members

    Speech Communication

    The Speech Technical Committee (STC) supports the activities, meetings, publications, etc., for the largest technical area in the Society. This report covers the ASA meetings in San Antonio, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland.

    The current members of the TC are Augustine Agwuele, Jean E. Andruski, Patrice S. Beddor, Fredericka Bell-Berti, Tessa C. Bent, Suzanne E. Boyce, Ann R. Bradlow, Kate E. Bunton, Dani M. Byrd, Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza, Bruce R. Gerratt, Helen M. Hanson, Rachel Frush Holt, Susan G. Guion, Diane Kewley-Port, Jody E. Kreiman, Jelena Krivokapic, Andrew J. Lotto, Conor T. McLennan, Shrikanth S. Narayanan, Dwayne Paschall, Christine H. Shadle, Rahul Shrivastav, Rajka Smiljanic, Mitchell S. Sommers, Brad H. Story, Joan E. Sussman, Scott L. Thomson, Jennel C. Vick and Zhaoyan Zhang. Many of these members are new to the TC. I want to welcome them and thank them for their support.

    Other STC members who assisted us by serving on committees were Freddie Bell-Berti and Diane Kewley-Port (Vice President)-Executive Council, Jody Kreiman-Membership Committee, Shrikanth Narayanan-ASACOS, Anders Lofqvist-Medals and Awards Committee, Corine Bickley and Ann Syrdal-Standards Committee on TTS Systems, Christian Stilp-Student Council Representative, and Brad Story who maintains our web page. The continuing Associate Editors are: Speech Production-David Berry, Anders Lofqvist and Christine Shadle; Speech Perception-Kenneth Grant, Paul Iverson, Mitchell Sommers, Joan Sussman, Rochelle Newman and Allard Jongman; and Speech Processing-Douglas O'Shaughnessy, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Shrikanth Narayanan. I am happy to welcome two new associate editors, Abeer Alwan in Speech Perception and Carol Espy-Wilson in Speech Processing.

    The two ASA meetings went very smoothly this year because of the particular efforts of several members. First, we are grateful to our Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) representatives, who sorted papers, arranged the technical programs, and determined presentation rooms. They were Augustine Agwuele and Rajka Smiljanic for the San Antonio meeting and Maureen Stone, Montia Chatterjee, Rochelle Newman and Sandra Gordon-Salant for the Baltimore meeting. Second, we greatly appreciate the effort of the coordinators for student judging at the meetings: Ann Bradlow in San Antonio and Jelena Krivokapic in Baltimore.

    We are very happy to welcome Susan Nittrouer, Allard Jongman and Mitchell Sommers as new fellows of the ASA in Speech Communication.

    To create stimulating and focused sessions, we sponsor special sessions every year, which focus on themes of interest to the speech community. In San Antonio, there were three special sessions: "Fluid-structure Interaction in Voice Production: Experiments and Modeling I and II" chaired by Zhaoyan Zhang; "Advances in Speech Synthesis" chaired by Norma Antonanzas-Barrosa; and "Perceptual Learning and Adaptation in Speech" chaired by Tessa Bent. In Baltimore, there were four special sessions: "Machine Learning Techniques for Speech Recognition" organized by Mark Hasegawa-Johnson; "Speech for Detecting Human Health State, Performance, and Emotional State" chaired by Suzanne Boyce; "Speech and Noise" organized by Carol Espy-Wilson and "Exploring the Relationship Between Cognitive Processes and Speech Perception" chaired by Amee Shah.

    Speech Communication participated in the Hot Topics in Acoustics session held in Baltimore. Tim Bunnell and Ann Syrdal delivered the presentation "Data-based speech synthesis: Progress and challenges" which was very well received.

    I would like to thank the Technical Council for all of their support, for getting up early for our breakfast meeting normally held at each meeting (the Baltimore meeting was an exception-we had a lunch meeting instead) and for being such an agreeable group with which to work.

    Student Activities

    In our continuing effort to promote student participation in ASA meetings, the Speech Technical Committee sponsored two student activities at each meeting, a competition with a cash award for best student presentation and an evening reception in San Antonio and Baltimore. The student reception, which is joint with other technical committees, is intended to allow students to meet more senior ASA members informally. The receptions were well attended.

    The student papers were judged by STC members and the winners were awarded $300 for first prize and $200 for second prize. At the San Antonio meeting, the first place winner was Charles Chang at UC Berkeley for "Native language phonetic drift in beginning second language acquisition." The second place winner was Nancy Ward of UCLA for "Consequences of short term language exposure in infancy on babbling." At the Baltimore meeting, the first place winner was Daniel Garcia Romero of the University of Maryland at College Park for "Speech forensics: Automatic acquisition device identification." The second place winner was Marc Garellek of UCLA for "Acoustic analysis of phonation and tone interactions in Mazatec." A special thanks to all of the reviewers of the student papers.

    In closing, I would like to say that I have enjoyed serving as Chair of the Speech TC for the past three years. I know that our TC is in great hands with our new Chair, Ben Munson, who will bring a lot of energy and creativity to the position.

    Carol Espy-Wilson, Chair 2007-2010
    Speech Communication website
    List of committee members

    Structural Acoustics and Vibration

    The Structural Acoustics and Vibration Technical Committee (SAVTC) had a successful year with a number of special session sponsored at the meetings and Student Paper completions, organized by James Philips, at each meeting.

    The 157th meeting in Portland was the last for Sean Wu in his position as Chair of the SAVTC and we would like to thank him for his service. A short summary of the Portland meeting, taken from last year's Report of Activities provided by Sean Wu, is provided below. At the Portland meeting, SAVTC sponsored five special sessions. The winners of the Best Student Paper Awards were Nicholas O'Donoghue (1st place, from Carnegie Mellon University) and Na Zhu (2nd place, from Wayne State University). At this meeting, a subcommittee was formed to review and amend the "scope" of the SAVTC and the results are to be reported at the next SAV TC to be held in San Antonio. The members of this sub-committee include Karl Grosh (Chair), Earl Williams, Dave Feit, and Jerry Ginsberg.

    At the 158th ASA Meeting, in San Antonio, Texas, the SAVTC sponsored four special sessions: "Emerging Applications of Structural Acoustics in Energy and Power Generation": Wen Li (Modeling and prediction of vibro-acoustic characteristics of power generation systems); "Structural Acoustics in Biological Media": Karl Grosh (Sound transmission through cochlea, hearing devices and other biological media) (joint with Biomedical Ultrasound/Bioresponse to Vibration); "Structural Acoustics for Poro-elastic Materials": N. Atalla (Measurement and prediction of transmission losses through poro-elastic materials) (joint with Physical Acoustics); "Structural Acoustics and Vibrations in Nano-materials": Michael Leamy from Georgia Tech (joint with Physical Acoustics and Engineering Acoustics).

    The SAVTC representative to the Technical Program Organizing Meeting (TPOM) was Kai Ming Li, and the winners of the Best Student Paper awards were: first place, Julien Meaud (University of Michigan), and second place, Christina Naify (University of Southern California). The revised scope of the SAVTC by the committee of Karl Grosh, (Chair), Earl Williams, David Feit, and Jerry Ginsberg was reviewed and approved.

    At the 59th ASA/INCE Meeting, at Baltimore, MD, SAVTC sponsored five special sessions: "Damping Mechanisms": Greg McDaniel (joint with Physical Acoustics); "Computer Modeling of Structural Acoustics and Vibration for Complex Structures": James Phillips; "Space Vehicle Vibro-Acoustics": Dean Capone (joint with Noise and INCE/USA); "Noise Control of Small Submersible Vehicles": Joe Cushieri (joint with INCE USA); "Nondestructive Testing of Materials": Hasson Tavossi (joint with Engineering Acoustics)

    The TPOM representatives were David Feit and Robert Koch and the winners of the Best Student Paper awards were: first place, Sebastian Roa Prada (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and second place, Micah Shepherd (Penn State University). Kai Ming Li of Purdue University was selected the SAVTC representative/liaison for the Hong Kong meeting. He will be the e-mail point of contact with his China counterpart for all structural acoustic preparations for the Hong Kong meeting.

    Dean E. Capone, Chair
    Structural Acoustics and Vibration website
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    Underwater Acoustics

    The Fall 2009 meeting in San Antonio had participation from several UW TC members: Clark Penrod was General Chair, Nick Chotiros served as Technical Program Chair, and Marcia Isakson was the TPOM representative. There were two UW special sessions: "Progress in modeling complex and dynamic acoustic and oceanographic characteristics of continental shelves and slopes" by Preston Wilson and David Knobles, and "Reverberation measurements and modeling" by Eric Thorsos, John Perkins, and Jason Summer. The first place student paper award was awarded to Shima Hossein Abadi for her talk "Blind deconvolution of remote-source signals from acoustic array recordings in multipath environments" and second place went to Jon La Follet for his presentation "Bistatic line-scan holography of scattering by metallic objects near a free surface." At the San Antonio meeting the UWTC approved a new initiative under Dave Bradley entitled "Evaluation of current state of support for basic research" that was focused on examining the declining Office of Naval Research (ONR) budgets that support a large amount of the underwater acoustics research. We also wish to congratulate Bob Spindel, who was recognized with the Silver Medal in Acoustical Oceanography and Jim Lynch, who received the 2009 Munk Award at the San Antonio meeting.

    The Spring 2010 meeting in Baltimore had UW TC members Juan Arvelo serving as Technical Program Chair and Roger Gauss as TPOM representative. There were three UW special sessions: "Deep water ambient noise" by Mike Buckingham and Martin Siderius, "Acoustic particle velocity and vector fields: Signal processing and communication applications" by Moshen Badiey, and "Impact of shallow water acoustic propagation by linear internal waves and neutrally buoyant intrusions" by D.J. Tang and Dave Bradley. Winners of the UW student paper contest were: first place to Adam Metzler for "Improving the parabolic equation solution for problems involving poro-elastic media, " and second place to David Dall'Osto for "Utilization of the pressure gradient along a sparse vertical line array to determine vertical arrival angle from partial reflections from a layered seabed." At the Baltimore meeting we recognized Eric Thorsos, who served two terms as the UW representative for Medals and Awards, and thanked John Perkins for agreeing to be the new representative. Alex Sell became the new UW Student Council representative, taking over from Megan Ballard. The continuing service as UW representative was also recognized for Henrik Schmidt for the Membership Committee and Robert Drake for ASACOS. Finally, the meeting provided a warm thank you for many years of outstanding service for the ONR program manager Ellen Livingston, who will be moving to ONR Global during the summer. Ellen announced that Bob Hedrick would assume leadership of the ONR OA division.

    Lisa A. Zurk, Chair
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