1. A program on Tutorial Lectures and a Committee on Tutorial Lectures is established.

2. The subjects of the Tutorial Lectures are to be selected by the Committee on Tutorials from topics of current general interest to acousticians; the lectures are not be addressed to experts in the fields of the selected subject.

3. There shall be only one Tutorial Lecture at each regular meeting of the Society. The tutorial shall have a duration of about two hours and should be held on Monday evening.

4. The Committee on Tutorial Lectures shall plan and organize the Tutorial Lecture and select the subjects and the speakers. The committee shall consist of six members of the Society appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Council.

5. The Committee on Tutorial Lectures will report on its activities to the Executive Council at each regular meeting of the Society.

6. The Society will provide an all-inclusive honorarium of $1000 for each Tutorial Lecture, to be shared equally among the lecturers if there is more than one. Each lecturer will also be reimbursed up to a maximum of $1000 for travel, subsistence and other expenses related to the lecture. The lecturers are expected to provide the Society with a set of notes on the Lecture suitable for duplication by the Society and distribution to attendees before the lecture. These notes may include the text or outline of the lecture, copies of the projected visual aids, and reprints of relevant published papers, at the lecturer's discretion.

7. The subject of the Tutorial Lecture will be listed in the Call for Papers of each regular Society meeting. There will be a registration fee for attendance at the Tutorial.

8. The Editor-in-Chief will determine the suitability of each Tutorial for publication in the Journal and will make arrangements with the authors if publication is considered desirable.

9. Deviation from the procedures described above requires approval of the Executive Council at least one Society meeting prior to the meeting at which the Tutorial is to be presented.


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