Multimedia Content in JASA Express Letters

Links to multimedia files are available in the PDF version of full-text JASA Express Letters. Such links are easily recognizable since the text which links to the multimedia file is surrounded by a thin blue box (visible on the PDF page), as depicted in the following graphical representation:

When encountered in a JASA Express Letters PDF file, clicking on either blue-bordered box will initialize the download of the specific multimedia file (the above graphic is not clickable).

In addition, the "hand" cursor icon in Acrobat will change, when passed over such links, into a pointing hand, with a "W" on it. In JASA Express Letters, the pointing hand with a "W" indicates a PDF "Weblink", and means that the underlying text is linked to a multimedia file.

Because JASA Express Letters may include links to multimedia files, browser plug-ins and/or helper applications may be required in order to view these linked files. Currently, only the following multimedia formats will be accepted in conjunction with JASA Express Letters:

  • Video formats: quicktime movies, mpeg movies, or animated gifs
  • Audio formats: aiff, au, wav, or non-streaming Real Audio
Suggested multimedia plug-ins include: Apple's Quicktime Plug-in and Real Audio's RealPlayer.

Detailed information for authors on multimedia submissions can be found in the JASA Express Letters Style Guidelines.

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