Audio Engineer
Audio Lab
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Department Description

Companion products produces the audio accessories for Motorola, such as Bluetooth headsets, wired headsets, and portable stereo speakers. Audio lab in Lawrenceville, GA needs an audio engineer/acoustician to help in the product development, specifications, and performance testing and validation of these products.

Scope of Responsibilities/Expectations

Work with product development teams to help define the audio related features of the products, define their performance in product specifications, test their performance in a audio lab environment.

Specific Knowledge/Skills

Physical acoustics, engineering acoustics, acoustical transduction, DSP algorithms, voice processing algorithms, telecommunications standards. Ability to write custom C++ and Matlab program for test control and data analysis is a significant plus.

Please send your resume to . You also need to submit an application at . The job ID is 92051

Posted 12/06/2010

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