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Accucoustics - High Performance Loudspeakers
Acentech - Architectural, Noise and Vibration, Audiovisual, Environmental and Industrial
Acoustic Dimensions
Acoustical Solutions
Acoustics By Design - Consultants in Acoustics & Technical Systems
AcuVib, toolbox for acoustics/vibration engineers
Aercoustics Engineering Limited
AudioLink Services
AV Avenue Audiovisual News, Tools, & Technology
Benthos Undersea Systems and Package Inspection
Campanella Acoustics
Charles Cosler Theatre Design
Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc.
Commins Acoustics Workshop, Inc.
Colin Gordon and Associates
Current Solutions, Inc - OEM Power Supply Resource Center
Decibel Consultants Acoustique Inc - Highly specialized in the sectors of the architectural acoustics, industrial noise control as well as the environmental noise control
Dieter Ennemoser - Violin Maker & Acoustic Researcher
Digital Recordings
Edge Consulting Group
Equipment Reliability Institute - Equipment Reliability Training
ESR - a Sound Consulting & Recording Co.
Excelsior Audio Design & Services, LLC
Fabricmate Systems
HGC Engineering
HFP Acoustical Consultants
Industrial Acoustics Company
JSR Ultrasonics - Ultrasonic Instrumentation
Kinsella Acoustics
KJWW - Full Service Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Consulting Integrated with MEP, Structural, & Tech - USA & India
Klipsch Professional
Krieger Specialty Products
Larson Davis
Level Control Systems
Lewitz and Associates, Inc.
LinearX Systems
LMS International
LPES, Inc. Acoustical and Air Quality Consultants
RH Lyon Corp Quiet Product Design
Marshall Day Acoustics
MCube - Aeroacoustic Problems Simulation
Mei Wu Acoustics
Metris- Sonotrack: recording, analysis and playback of ultrasound vocalizations
Microflown Technologies
Music Books Plus
National Council of Acoustical Consultants
Navcon Engineering Network
NEMPEE Audio Acoustics and Software
NMB Technologies
Noise Regulation Report
Noldus Information Technology
Nortek AS Acoustic Doppler Water Velocity Instruments
Ocean Sensors
Overly Manufacturing Company
Peninsula Publishing, reprints of classictechnical books dealing with acoustics
Piezo Solutions
phonic boom by Phonic Ear
Primary Elements Digital Music Licensing Resource Test and Measurement Software
RESON Sonar Solutions
SESCOM Audio Products
The Sextant Group
Shure Brothers, Inc.
Silent Source
SLS Loudspeakers
Son Tek
SoundAway Corporation Acoustic, and Soundproofing products
Sound Answers (sound and vibration idea exchange)
SoundFX Sound Effects
Sound Ideas Sound Effects and Royalty-Free Music
Sound Solutions
Sound Technology
Speech Technology Center
Studio 440 Architecture and Acoustics
SYSid Labs
True Audio Loudspeaker Design Software
Tucker-Davis Technologies
Unger Technologies, Inc.
Wakefield Acoustics - Acoustical Engineers
WinMLS multi-channel MLS measurement system

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