Report of the Committee on Physical Acoustics

Report of the Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics
June 2000 - June 2001

We continue to have nice, well attended technical committee meetings. Forty three people attended in Newport Beach, with seventy six in Chicago.

I believe that the pleasant homey atmosphere of the Acoustical Society is due in large part because it is largely a society of volunteers. Our thanks go out to them. Sameer Madanshetty agreed to continue serving as our representative on the ASA Committee on Standards, Steven Garrett agreed to continue serving as our representative on the Membership Committee. James Sabatier represents us on the Medals and Awards Committee. Preston Wilson has been representing students in physical acoustics at the Student Council. Larry Wilen and Anthony Atchley were our TPOM representatives in Chicago, and I did it in Newport Beach. Kevin Bastyr and Matt Poese have helped us with refreshments at our TC meetings. Special sessions were organized by Jim Sabatier, and George Mozurkewich. Thank you all.

Mark J. Marr-Lyon won the first place prize ($300) for his presentation "Passive stabilization of capillary bridges in air with acoustic radiation pressure and the equilibrium shape of bridges," and Ray Scott Wakeland received the second place prize ($200) for "Numerical model of heat exchangers in oscillating flow with oscillating pressure," in our first Best Student Paper in Physical Acoustics competition in Chicago. It was a difficult decision for the judges since so many of the papers were excellent. Picking winners was much like splitting hairs, but in the end the subcommittee decided to follow the original rules and not split the awards up further. The effort to judge the papers was organized by Keith Wilson, and he was assisted by James Chambers, Kerry Commander, Kenneth Gilbert, Bart Lipkins, Philip Marston, Ralph Muehleisen, David Chambers, Sandra Collier, and Steven Kargl.

At the Newport Beach meeting, Gregory W. Swift received the Silver Medal in Physical Acoustics for his work in thermoacoustics.

As a technical initiative, we cosponsored with Eindhoven University of Technology the First International Workshop in Thermoacoustics, held April 23-25, 2001, at s'Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. It was great! It was a nice mix of the usual ASA thermoacoustics people with their counterparts in Europe and Asia. It was also a nice mix of the usual work seen in the ASA with other related work in pulse tubes, Stirling cycles, and combustion that we normally do not see. The principal force behind this meeting was Jos Zeegers of Eindhoven University, and he was assisted by Fons de Waele, Charles Schmid, Greg Swift and myself. There was the feeling at the close of the workshop that we should do this again after a few years.

We decided in Newport Beach to have Socials for Students in Physical Acoustics every other meeting since they can be difficult to organize and expensive to run the way we have been doing them off the meeting site in a brew pub or tavern. Our social in Chicago had to be cancelled because the tavern at which it was to be held went out of business just before the meeting. We then discussed at the Chicago TC meeting whether we should join in with one of the other two agglomerations of technical committees that hold socials in the meeting hotel. This would be a lot less work for the organizers, as it is difficult to scope out the meeting area during the TPOM before the main meeting and often we do not have anyone local at the meeting site. But Matt Poese spoke, it seemed for the rest of the students present, that they would much prefer what we were doing at the off site locations. So we agreed to give it another shot at the upcoming Ft. Lauderdale meeting.