Annual Report of the Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics - 2002--2003

Annual Report of the
Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

The first order of business is to thank the recent chair Robert 'Bonzo' Keolian for three years of outstanding service to the Physical Acoustics TC and the ASA. Robert was very active as chair, initiating the Physical Acoustics Student Awards Competition, as well as the PATC email list. We remind the members that although the email list is mostly used for information dissemination, it is available for job postings.

The Fall meeting was held in Cancun, Mexico. The Cancun venue was exciting, and attracted many participants. The meeting was highly successful due in no small part to our session organizers: Glynn Holt organized the "Bubbles, drops, and foams" session; Todd Murray organized the "Laser Ultrasonics" session; and Richard Weaver organized the "Code and other stochastic seismic signals" session. The TPOM organizers for Cancun, Jeff Ketterling and Jim Chambers, did a magnificent job arranging the sessions. Special thanks also go to the session chair volunteers, who kept the sessions on time. The last of the student award competitions for PA occurred in Cancun. The First place prize went to Nico F. Declercq for his talk entitled "A theoretical elucidation for the experimentally observed backward displacement of waves reflected from an interface having superimposed periodicity"; 2nd place was awarded to Andreas Hakansson for his talk "Acoustical properties of finite sonic crystal slabs". Thanks to all who contributed and to all who judged the talks. There are no current plans to continue the student awards competition for PA.

Special sessions for the Spring meeting, held in Nashville TN, included the "Sono- (con)fusion" session, organized by Glynn Holt, Felipe Gaitan, and Tom Matula, and the "Wind noise in outdoor measurements characterization and reduction" session, organized by Richard Raspet. The Sono-(con)fusion session was run in a non-standard way, with a small list of invited speakers followed by panel discussions. It was the first time all the major scientists working on acoustic inertial confinement fusion have been brought together. The discussions and debates were lively and spirited. Look for a synopsis of the event in a future Echoes publication.

I want to acknowledge members of Physical Acoustics who volunteer their services on various committees: Jim Sabatier serves on the Medals and Awards committee; Steve Garrett serves on the Membership Committee; and Sameer Madanshetty serves on ASACOS. Associate editors also deserve accolades; their hard work helps keep JASA the premier journal for physical acoustics publications. Current and recent members serving as associate editors include Dale Chimenti, Floyd Dunn, Mark Hamilton, John Harris, Michael Howe, Steve Kargl, Martin Ochmann, Richard Raspet, Ron Roy, Andrew Szeri, Louis Sutherland, and Lonny Thompson. On a sad note, the passing of Robert Apfel leaves us feeling a little empty. We will all miss him. It was a pleasure to see him accept the Gold medal at the Pittsburgh meeting for "fundamental contributions to physical acoustics and biomedical ultrasound, and innovative leadership in electronic publishing." A celebration of his contributions will take place at the New York meeting.

Finally, it is a pleasure to acknowledge members who are active in leadership roles in the ASA. Richard Stern just finished his tenure as president of the ASA, the current vice-president is Anthony Atchley, the vice-president elect is Mark Hamilton, the editor-in-chief is Allan Pierce, and Ron Roy is on the Executive Council. Thanks to everyone who helps make the PATC a joy!

Thomas J. Matula Chair