Report of the Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics
November 1999 - June 2000

Physical Acoustics continues in its tradition of having lively, amiable Technical Committee meetings. Seventy four people attended the Columbus and seventy nine attended the Atlanta PATC meetings. James Sabatier's stewardship over the last three years has fostered a healthy group of characters, and this new chairman hopes to do the same.

After arranging for special sessions for upcoming meetings, the PATC mulled some interesting issues. At the Columbus meeting, with a vote of 32 for and 17 against, the committee decided to start offering student paper awards. The issue of our group sponsoring poster sessions came up again but was voted down by a 27 to 7 margin. We favored the creation of the "affiliate member" category for the ASA as proposed by Larry Crum by a 40 to 6 vote. We also agreed to start an email mailing list. Our thanks go to Ralph Muehleisen and Elaine Moran for setting it up . At the Atlanta meeting, overwhelming support was given for the continued publication of References to Contemporary Papers in Acoustics. About two thirds of those present thought they would purchase Samuel Temkin's "Elements of Acoustics" if republished by the society. The membership was pleased with the announcement that the 1929-1996 issues of JASA would soon be available on CD-ROM. When asked how much they would pay for it out of their own pockets, 12 said they would pay $300, 27 would buy it at $200, and 48 of the 79 present said they would purchase the CD set if it were priced at $100.

Special thanks go to Henry Bass, David Chambers, Joseph Dickey, Steven Garrett, Ibrahim Hallaj, Kent Lewis (twice), Philip Marston, Julian Maynard, Lev Ostrovsky, Andrea Prosperetti, P. K. Raju, and Thomas Szabo for their work in organizing or chairing Physical Acoustics special sessions for the Columbus and Atlanta meetings. Our thanks also go to Yves Berthelot, James Chambers, Richard Raspet, James Sabatier, and myself for attending the Technical Program Organizing Meetings. James Sabatier will be or new representative to the Medals and Awards committee. Thank you Mark Hamilton for your past service on that committee. The work of John Stroud and Christy Holland in keeping up our web page is much appreciated. It will now be taken care of by Elaine Moran.

For technical initiatives, we held student receptions both at the Columbus and Atlanta meetings, organized by James Chambers, James Sabatier and myself. These have been very well attended, but we are struggling with keeping costs under control. We also supported the travel of two young invited speakers to the Atlanta meeting. For the upcoming year, our committee has asked the ASA to cosponsor with Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, a First International Workshop on Thermoacoustics, to be held April 23-25, 2001, at s'Hertogenbosch , The Netherlands.

It is a pleasure to note that the winners of awards and medals at the Atlanta meeting are all associated with our technical committee: Robin O. Cleveland received the R. Bruce Lindsay Award, Lawrence A. Crum won the Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal, and Murray Strasberg was the Gold Medal recipient.

Any questions, complaints, advice or whatever can be directed to me at

Robert M. Keolian Chair