Minutes of the Physical Acoustics Technical Committee meeting
held in Cancun, 3 December 2002



Thanks to Jeff Ketterling and Jim Chambers for being the TPOM reps. The sessions were well-attended.


TOPM reps for the Nashville meeting will be Craig Hickey and Jim Chambers. Special sessions include Sono- (con)fusion, Wind noise (joint with NS and EA), Demos (joint with ED and NS), HIFU (joint w/ BB), Richard H. Bolt session (joint w/ AA), Acoustic cavitation (joint with BB), Subspace methods for imaging (joint w/ SP), and Fredrick Tappert session (joint w/ UW).


The Austin TPOM meeting is tentatively 17-18 July. Special session, David Blackstock Achievement. An Acoustics Forensics Session will be organised by Jack Randorff. Contact Bennett Brooks (NS) or Tony Hoover (AA) for more information. Ideas for special sessions in Austin are welcome.

New York:

Special sessions include Apfel Memorial Session (joint with BB,NS,) and Leo Beranak session. Ideas for special sessions in New York are welcome.

Ideas for special events to commemorate the 75th annaversary are needed.


1. The winners for the PA student paper competition are 1st place: Nico F. Declercq; 2nd place: Andreas Hakansson. Thanks to all who contributed and judged! There will be no more student paper competitions for physical acoustics.

2. "Student Lunches": Students who wish to meet with an expert in their field of interest at an ASA meeting should contact David Blackstock (dtb@mail.utexas.edu) to set up appointments at least a week before the meeting.

3. The TC agreed with a permanent standing committee made up of students (PA council rep is Parag Chitnis).


1. AIP-implemented "PeerXpress" system for JASA manuscript submissions to begin this summer.

2. JASA is planning to provide on-line and CD versions of the Reference to Contemporary Papers on Acoustics and eliminating the paper version. The TC was receptive to the idea

3. New ARLO editor: Ron Roy. More ARLO contributions are needed. Ron Roy made a suggestion that 'guest' editors generate special ARLO editions devoted to a particular topic.

4. Soundings may be replaced with an online version. Email notices would be sent to recipients. The TC was receptive to the idea.


1. Public Policy: The classroom standardis being challenged by parts of the refrigeration/a/c industry. Contact Susan Blaeser at standards to write letters to school boards/ANSI to ensure that the standard is up-held.

2. ASA socials cost around $35/person, causing the meetings to run at a loss. Various alternatives were discussed, including eliminating the socials and cutting back on food. TC agreed that the socials are an important aspect of the meetings, and should continue.

3. Logo-Icon: The vice-president asked if the TCs are interested in developing an Icon? PA did not support this idea.

Changes to the minutes? Please email them to me asap. Thanks!

Submitted by: Tom Matula, Chair PATC