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Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

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The physical acoustics technical committee is concerned with fundamental acoustic wave propagation phenomena, including transmission, reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction, scattering, absorption, dispersion of sound, and sonoluminescence. The use of acoustics to study physical properties of matter, and to produce changes in these properties, is also of interest. Theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches are used.

Relevant subjects are:
  1. Ultrasonics and infrasonics
  2. Propagation of sound through the atmosphere, fluids, and fluid-filled materials
  3. Nonlinear acoustics
  4. Biomedical ultrasound
  5. Use of acoustics as a tool in studying superconductivity, dislocation in solids, and lattice vibrations
  6. Acoustical studies of structural and dynamical properties of matter
  7. Interaction of sound with light and other forms of radiation

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