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Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

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Minutes of the Meeting of the Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

17 June 1997
State College, Pennsylvania

  1. The open meeting of the PATC was called to order at 7:30 PM in room N of the Penn State Conference Center. Approximately 80 people attended.
  2. Announcements, Reports and Remarks from the Chair
    1. Students were invited to stand and tell the other attendees something about themselves. About ten students were present.
    2. New members to the PATC meeting were also asked to identify themselves.
    3. Thanks were expressed to the PATC representatives at the Technical Program Organizing Committee meeting, Steve Garrett and Jay Maynard.

      The technical program at the Penn State meeting consisted of one special session and eight sessions of contributed papers. These nine sessions contained a total of 5 invited and 90 contributed papers. The special session was "Time-Reversed Acoustics" jointly organized with the Under Water and Signal Processing committees and chaired by David Dowling. Sessions of contributed papers (and chairs) were: "Quantum Acoustics and Thermoacoustics" (Ralph Muehleisen), "Radiation, Propagation and Scattering" (Gregory Kaduchak), "Drops, Filaments and Bubbles" (Filipe Gaitan), "Nonlinear Acoustics" (Bruce Denardo), "Atmospheric Acoustic" (David Gardner), "Medical Ultrasound" (Christy Holland), "Porous Media" (Craig Hickey) and "Ultrasonics"(L. C. Krysac).

    4. Steve Garrett organized a student social on the patio at the new ARL building. Thanks were expressed to Steve for this project. The committee felt the social was a success and that we should do this again in Seattle.
    5. Keith Wilson was congratulated for receiving the Lindsay Award.
    6. The Chair mentioned the AAAS sessions (Seattle, February 14, 1997) organized by Larry Crum and Jim Sabatier and Logan Hargrove on Sonoluminescence and Acoustic Demonstrations.
  3. Issues from the Technical Council
    1. Berlin meeting. The Chair ask for a show of hands from those present that were planning to attend the meeting in Berlin. Fourteen people raised their hands. There was discussion related to concerns about this meeting and the Chair summarized the comments and reported to the Technical Council the following statements. The unusual early planning that is required is difficult for the Committee. Such meetings (Berlin and Seattle) should be spread out in time. It is almost impossible to bring students to this meeting.
    2. Lou Sutherland described the ASA Foundation. Pamphlets were distributed to all members interested.
    3. Bob Apfel described an on-line preprint program called "e-print". A demonstration program was on display at the meeting and Bob invited members to browse the demo.
    4. The last item from the Technical Council was the dues increase. Bob Apfel explained various options and benefits that will be available to members. These include "OFFPRINTS", "ECHOES" and a new on-line version of JASA
  4. Future Meetings
    1. The chair called for reports from the organizers of special sessions for the Seattle meeting. Reports were given by Ron Roy, Mack Breazeale, Henry Bass and Glynn Holt. After discussions and comments from the committee as a whole (and the session organizers after the meeting), the following special sessions were submitted to the Technical Council for Seattle:

      "Nonlinear Acoustics I: 1. History, 2. Solids and Rocks, 3. Surface Waves" and "Nonlinear Acoustics II: 1. Sonoluminescence, 2. Solitons, 3. Biomedical Nonlinearities", organized by Mack Breazeale, Lev Ostrovsky, Akira Nakamura. "Cavitation Dynamics: in Memorium Hugh Flynn", organized by Charlie Church.

    2. Other special sessions for San Diego, Norfolk and Berlin were discussed and planned as follows: "Outdoor Sound Propagation" (Bass), San Diego, "Sonic Booms" (Sparrow), Norfolk and "Sonochemistry" (Roy), "Thermoacoustics" (Garrett), "Rough Surface Models" (Attenborough) and "Bubbles: Interfacial Wall Motion" (Holt), all four for Berlin.
  5. Technical Initiatives
    1. Willie Moss requested $1500 for travel support for two Russians to attend the San Diego meeting. This was approved by the Technical Council later in the week.
    2. A student reception for Seattle is planned. The Technical council approved $300.
    3. Another $300 was requested (and approved by the Technical Council) for web page development.
  6. Discussion Items
    1. Tom Matula, John Stroud and Carr Everbach demonstrated the PATC web page that they have constructed.
    2. Phil Marston re-initiated the process to ask the Committee on Books to publish Musgrave's book, Crystal Acoustics, which is out of print.
    3. Following adjournment members were invited to view Bob Apfel's video of electro-acoustic generation of charges water drops.
  7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

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