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Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

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Minutes of the Meeting of the Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

2 December 1997
San Diego, California

  1. The open meeting of the PATC was called to order at 7:30 PM in Cabinet room of Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, CA. Approximately 60 people attended.
  2. Announcements, Reports and Remarks from the Chair
    1. Students were invited to stand and tell the other attendees something about themselves.
    2. New members to the PATC meeting were also asked to identify themselves.
    3. Thanks were expressed to the PATC representatives at the Technical Program Organizing Committee meeting, Andres Larraza and Tom Hofler.

      The technical program at the San Diego meeting consisted of five sessions of contributed papers. These five sessions contained a total of 47 contributed papers. Sessions of contributed papers (and chairs) were: "Nonlinear Acoustics" (Bart Lipkens), "Thermoacoustics" (Pat Arnott), "Radiation, Propagation and Scattering" (James Chambers), "Bubbles, Drops and Particles" (Robin Cleveland), "Inhomogeneous Media" (Craig Hickey)

    4. Bob Apfel was congratulated for receiving the Silver Medal.
    5. Willie Moss, via Los Alamos National Labs, nominated Tom Matula for the Department of Energy Young Scientist Award which subsequently resulted in Tom receiving the Presidential Award for Early Careers. Tom was congratulated.
    6. . Hank Bass and Larry Crum were thanked for getting the refreshments to the meeting.
  3. Issues from the Technical Council
    1. Dan Martin, Editor-in-Chief of JASA, is interested in publishing information pertaining to other meetings (when and where, availability of proceedings, abstract overview, etc.). The Chair will accept such information from members and prepare reports for the Editor. Book reviewers are also needed. Contact the Book Review Associate Editor if interested
  4. Future Meetings
    1. The chair reported information from the TC pertaining to the Seattle meeting. Most interesting item was the large number of PA abstracts, over 1750 submitted. Tom Matula and Steve Kargl are the PATC representatives to the TPOM. Meeting dates are 20-28 June, 1998.
    2. Other information for Norfolk was discussed. Norfolk special sessions are "Sonic Booms" organized by Vic Sparrow and "Ultrasonic Motors, Sensors, and Other Devices" organized by George Mozurkewich. The Norfolk meeting dates are 12-16 October, 1998. The TPOM dates will be mid-May and the PATC representatives are Vic Sparrow and Bart Lipkens. Members should note the abstract deadline will be well before the Seattle meeting.
  5. Technical Initiatives
    1. A student reception joint for Seattle is planned and will be organized by Steve Kargl.
    2. Another $300 was requested (and approved by the Technical Council) for web page maintenance.
    3. The Chair proposed that the committee spend less time on organizing special sessions and more time on science during the meeting. It was suggested that a "hot topic" be presented the second half hour of the meeting. Two ideas were suggested; invite recent authors of papers in PRL or AJP to give a presentation, or members discuss dissertation abstracts of their current students.
  6. Discussion Items
    1. Anthony Atchley is our representative to the Long Range Planning Committee. Anthony mentioned that this committee will be evaluating successes of the Seattle and Berlin meetings.
    2. Bob Apfel discussed "on-line" ASA publications.
  7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 PM.

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