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Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

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Minutes of the Meeting of the Technical Committee on Physical Acoustics

22 June 1998
Seattle, Washington

  1. The open meeting of the PATC was called to order at 7:30 PM in Aspen room of Sheraton Seattle Hotel in Seattle, WA. Approximately 125 people attended.
  2. Announcements, Reports and Remarks from the Chair
    1. Students were invited to stand and tell the other attendees something about themselves. More than twenty students identified themselves.
    2. New members to the PATC meeting were also asked to identify themselves. There were new members from Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Norway, Belgium and United Kingdom.
    3. Thanks were expressed to the PATC representatives at the Technical Program Organizing Committee meeting (TPOM), Tom Matula and Steve Kargl. Steve and Tom received help from others including Anthony Atchley and Patrick Edson.

      The technical program at the Seattle meeting consisted of seven special sessions and eleven contributed sessions. These eighteen sessions contained a total of 45 invited and 195 contributed papers. The special sessions (and chairs) were: "Memorial Session for Isadore Rudnick" (Richard Stern and Robert Keolian), "Nonlinear Acoustics I: 1. History; 2. Solids, Rocks; 3. Surface Waves, Part I" (Mack Breazeale and Akira Nakamura), "Nonlinear Acoustics Part II: 1. Solitons; 2. Biomedical Nonlinearities" (Mack A. Breazeale and Lev A. Ostrovsky), "Outdoor Sound Propagation" (Henry E. Bass and Daniel Juve), "Sonochemistry and Sonoluminesence: SC I" (Kenneth S. Suslick and Jacques L. Reisse), "Cavitation Dynamics: In Memoriam Hugh Flynn I and II" (Charles C. Church, Ronald A. Roy and Werner Lauterborn), "Sonochemistry and Sonoluminesence: SL" (Thomas J. Matula and R. Glynn Holt). Sessions of contributed papers (and chairs) were: "General Topics in Nonlinear Acoustics (Andres Laraza), "Cavities and Resonators", (Robert M. Keolian), "Scattering from Fluid-Loaded Objects" (Raymond Lim), "Nonlinear Wave Propagation in Fluids" (Steve Kargl and Patrick Edson), "Ducts and Tubes" (James P. Chambers), "Topics in Thermoacoustics" (Anthony Atchley), "Acoustic Characterization and Manipulation of Material Properties" (Sameer Madanshetty and D. Keith Wilson), "Half-Spaces and Plates" (Paul Barbone), "Radiation and Diffraction" (Andrew A. Piacsek), "General Topics in Physical Acoustics, I and II" (James Chambers and Michael Bailey), "Acousto-Optics and Opto-Acoustics" (Harry Simpson).

    4. Jim Chambers, Ron Roy and Adam Calabrese were thanked for getting the refreshments to the meeting.
    5. Floyd Dunn was congratulated for receiving the Gold Medal.
    6. Anthony Atchley was congratulated on his election to the Executive Council.
  3. Issues from the Technical Council
    1. The Chair did not bring up any issues from the TC.
  4. Future Meetings
    1. The Chair reported the Norfolk meeting planning was complete. The TPOM representatives are Vic Sparrow and Bart Lipkens. Since deadlines for special sessions had passed prior to the Seattle meeting, there was little discussion. Vic Sparrow organized a symposium on "Sonic Booms" and George Mozurkewich organized the session, "Ultrasonic Motors, Sensors, and Other Devices". Meeting dates are 12-16 October, 1998.
    2. Physical Acoustics has proposed 13 special sessions for the Berlin meeting. Four of these came from the PATC with the remainder proposed by our EAA counterparts. All of the organization is taking place external to the PATC meeting via subcommittee and session organizers. Updates for these sessions (session description and invited speakers) can be found on-line [Editor's note: this website is no longer available]. The deadline for abstracts is 11 September. The TPOM representatives are Murray Korman and Carr Everbach. The TPOM meeting will immediately follow the Norfolk meeting.
    3. Two special sessions were suggested for the Columbus OH meeting, "Inverse Scattering" and "Nondestructive Evaluation". Meeting dates are 1-5 November, 1999.
  5. Technical Initiatives
    1. A student mixer for Norfolk is planned and will be organized by students appointed by the Chair.
    2. Another $300 was requested (and approved by the Technical Council) for web page maintenance.
  6. Discussion Items
    1. Anthony Atchley is our representative to the Long Range Planning Committee. Anthony mentioned that this committee will be evaluating successes of the Seattle and Berlin meetings.
    2. Tim Simmons and Bart Lipkens presented shortened versions of their earlier presentations that discussed an "Acoustic Radiometer" and "Physical Effects of Macrosonic Standing Waves", respectively.
  7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

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