Whale Cry #1

Whale Cry #2

Whale Cry #3

Whale Trumpet

Whale Whistle


Stridulation Sounds of Black Fire Ants (Solenopsis richteri) in Different Situations

Underwater Sounds

From Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington

SORFED - Sound Recording for Education

Man-Made Underwater Sounds

Steered Frequency Source

Steered Frequency Source (half speed)

SUS Charge

Sounds in the Atmosphere

Recording of a large meteor that exploded on April 23rd, 2001 over the Pacific between California and Hawaii. The recording was made by the infrasound array in California (in the Anza-Borrego desert) at a range of 1,800 km from the event. The recording has been accelerated 200 times real speed so that the sound can be heard.

Recording of a rocket launch at Vandenburg AFT filtered between 0.8 and 3 Hz and accelerated to 200 x real speed. The recording was made at a range of ~ 350 km by the infrasound array in the Anza Borrego desert.

Musical Instruments

Bugle #1

Bugle #2 (Taps Excerpt)

Tenor Saxophone



Organ (Bach Excerpt)

Piano (Etude)

Synthesizer (Bach)

Orchestra (Blue Danube Excerpt)

Excerpts from ASA's Auditory Demonstrations Compact Disc

Circularity in Pitch Judgment


Shepard's Discrete Scale

Risset's Continuous Scale

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