Sustaining Members
of the
Acoustical Society of America

The Acoustical Society is grateful for the financial assistance being given by the Sustaining Members listed below and invites applications for sustaining membership from other individuals or corporations who are interested in the welfare of the Society. Information on sustaining membership may be obtained by writing to

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Acentech Incorporated

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Consultants in Acoustics, Audiovisual and Vibration

ACO Pacific Inc.

Belmont, California
Measurement Microphones, the ACOustic Interface(TM) System

Applied Physical Sciences Corp.

Groton, Connecticut
Advanced Research and Development and Systems Solutions for Complex National Defense Needs

ARTEC Consultants Inc

New York, New York
Specialist consultants for the design of concert halls, opera houses and theatres; including theatre equipment consulting, design of electronic sound reinforcement systems, noise and vibration control, fund-raising consulting, economic feasibility studies, room acoustics.

BBN Technologies

Cambridge, Massachusetts
R & D company providing custom advanced research based solutions.

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group

Seattle, Washington
Producer of Aircraft and Aerospace Products

D'Addario & Company, Inc.

Farmingdale, New York
    D'Addario strings for musical instruments, Evans drumheads, Rico woodwind reeds and Planet Waves accessories

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration ApS

Vedbaek, Denmark
Measurement microphones, intensity probes, calibrators

Industrial Acoustics Company, Inc.

Bronx, New York
    Research, Engineering and Manufacturing--Products and Services for Noise Control and Acoustically Conditioned Environments

International Business Machines Corporation

Yorktown Heights, New York
Manufacturer of Business Machines

JBL Professional

Northridge, California
Loudspeakers and Transducers of All Types

Knowles Electronics, Inc.

Itasca, Illinois
    Manufacturing Engineers: Microphones, Recording, and Special Audio Products

Massa Products Corporation

Hingham, Massachusetts
    Design and Manufacture of Sonar and Ultrasonic Transducers Computer-Controlled OEM Systems

Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc.

Berkeley, California
Manufacture Loudspeakers and Acoustical Test Equipment

National Council of Acoustical Consultants

Indianapolis, Indiana
An Association of Independent Firms Consulting in Acoustics

Polysonics Corp.

Remington, Virginia
Acoustical and Technology Consulting Firm

Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    Sonar Systems and Oceanographic Instrumentation; R & D in Underwater Sound Propagation and Signal Processing

Science Applications International Corporation

Acoustic and Marine Systems Operation

Arlington, Virginia
    Underwater Acoustics; Signal Processing; Physical Oceanography; Hydrographic Surveys; Seismology; Undersea and Seismic Systems

Shure Incorporated

Niles, Illinois
    Design, development and manufacture of cabled and wireless microphones for broadcasting, professional recording, sound reinforcement, mobile communications, and voice input--output applications; audio circuitry equipment; high fidelty phonograph cartridges and styli; automatic mixing systems; and related audio components and accessories. The firm was founded in 1925.

Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC

San Diego, California
    Howard Leight hearing protection, intelligent protection for military environments, in-ear dosimetry, real-world verification of attenuation, and education supported by the NVLAP-accredited Howard Leight Acoustical Testing Laboratory.

Thales Underwater Systems

Somerset, United Kingdom
    Prime Contract Management, Customer Support Services, Sonar Design and Production, Masts and Communication Systems Design and Production

3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division

Minneapolis, MN
    Products for personal and environmental safety, featuring E-A-R and Peltor brand hearing protection and fit testing, Quest measurement instrumentation, audiological devices, materials for control of noise, vibration and mechanical energy, and the E•A•RCALSM laboratory for research, development, and education, NVLAP-accredited since 1992.

    Hearing Conservation Resource Center

Wenger Corporation

Owatonna, Minnesota
    Design and Manufacturing of Architectural Acoustical Products including Absorbers, Diffusers, Modular Sound Isolating Practice Rooms, Acoustical Shells and Clouds for Music Rehearsal and Performance Spaces

Wyle Laboratories, Inc., Acoustics Group

The Wyle Acoustics Group provides a wide range of professional services
focused on acoustics, vibration, and their allied technologies, including
services to the aviation industry